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If you sit in any seat in the inn, she will call out to [[Skyrim:Saadia|Saadia]] to serve you, even if you sit on the bar stool right in front of her. Like the other residents she will never mention Saadia, if she is gone at the end of [[Skyrim:In My Time Of Need|her quest]].
Hulda will sell innkeeper merchandise if you initiate conversation with her, and she offers a bed for rent at a rate of 10 septimsgold. She will [[Skyrim:Chop Wood|buy firewood]] for 5 gold each, which hasincreases theher result[[Skyrim:Disposition|disposition]] ofand allowingallows you to take low value items from the inn. She will also give Whiterun[[Skyrim:Bounty BountiesQuests|bounties]] to complete for Whiterun's [[Skyrim:Balgruuf the Greater|Jarl]].
She wears a set of farm [[Skyrim:Clothes|Clothesclothes]] and a pair of [[Skyrim:Boots|Bootsboots]],. andShe is equipped haswith an [[Skyrim:Iron Dagger|Ironiron Daggerdagger]] equippedand carries a selection of [[Skyrim:Leveled Lists#Common|common loot and gold]]. She does not go to bed, instead staying behind the counter almost all of the time. If you find her outside, she will explain that she is just out for a break, enjoying the fine weather.
* If Hulda dies before you receive the rumourrumor for the [[Skyrim:The Whispering Door|Whispering Door]], you may be unable to start the quest, due to a bug with Ysolda.