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To initiate his quest, [[Skyrim:Argonian Ale Extraction|Argonian Ale Extraction]], you must ask him, '''"Are you always drunk?"''' ''"Only if I can help it. But damn if I ain't almost sober. Hey. In the Bannered Mare, there's this bottle of Argonian Ale. The good stuff. Get it for me. They won't even know it's gone. Come on..."'', to which you can reply, '''"I'll bring you that ale, old man."''' and see him get excited: ''"Argonian Ale! I can almost taste it!"'', if you ask him again before you have the ale he will state, ''"Well that all depends on you, now. Doesn't it?"'' and when you retrieve the ale, '''"Here's that special ale you wanted."''', to which he replies, ''"Well, would you look at that! Argonian Ale! My thanks, friend. Here, take this here healing potion. I, er, "found" it in the temple."'' Afterwards you may ask him '''"Still thirsty?"''' which results in ''"Not anymore. Thanks to you. Friend"''. Alternatively when he asks you to get the ale you can tell him, '''"I'm not going to feed your bad habit."''', to which he displays his annoyance ''"Then we got nothin' more to talk about"''.
Asking [[Skyrim:Lucia|Lucia]] why she is begging will reveal that Brenuin has a soft side for the orphan, and has been giving her some advice since she came to the city: ''"It's... it's what Brenuin said I should do. He's the only one that's been nice to me since... since mama..."''
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