Lore:Walking the World, Vol XI

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|description=A comprehensive description of the city of Solitude}}</noinclude>
{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|Skyrim|[[File:W_letter.png|72px|baseline]]LetterPic|W}}elcome, friend. In our latest volume, we cover [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Solitude|Solitude]]. Spatior could not be more pleased to be at the very seat of [[{{NAMESPACE}}:Imperial|Imperial]] power in {{Lore Link|Skyrim}}. In the course of our tour, you'll see that Solitude's riches extend from her people to the history and architecture that make up the city itself.
As ever, we begin our journey outside the city walls, this time at the bottom of the hill that ascends all the way to Solitude's massive gates.