Daggerfall:Quest Related Hints

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===Dungeon Dressing===
In dungeons, one will often run across 2D images that visually appear to be random belts, iron maidens, bottles, and so on. Clicking on these items doesn't normally do anything, as they are just for mood and clutter, unless they have been specifically placed by the game or module.
Quest items disguised as dungeon dressing need to be picked up by being clicked on, whereupon you will receive a message about the quest and the item. They are most often found on the floor.
==Twisting Endings to Quests==
ForMany example:quests INcan thebe questdone [[Daggerfall:Twoin Cowards|Twoseveral Cowards]]ways. In one quest, you are asked to impersonate[[Daggerfall:Two someone toCowards|fight a duel, to settlesolve somea love triangle.]] YouRather couldthan gofight the duel, you can find the woman involved, and talk to her, and she will pay you not to killfight. theThough otherthis guy.method Whilegives moregreater amusingrewards, it mightwill negatively affect your reputation with the faction,questgiver's thefactions. personWhen youdeciding gothow thisto settle a quest, frommake belongssure to consider all the pros and cons of each method.
Certain quests can be completed via multiple ways, for example [[Daggerfall:Counterfeit Gold|Counterfeit Gold]]. or another one, [[Daggerfall:A Noble's Debts|A Noble's Debts]]. If you like, you can provide all possible solutions, and get all quest items. For example, in the second quest, you can kill the noble, get the deed, the gold and then talk to the person you got this quest from. What is the benefit of such?
There is a glicht in the game which gives you extra items. When a quest is complete, all items related to this quest are deleted. But treasure piles are not, even if the only item they contain is a quest item. So, if you place the deed, the gold, and whatever other items related to this quest on the floor, place each quest item on its own pile, and no other item in that pile, then talk to the questgiver, the quest will be completed. The quest item in the treasure piles will be gone, but the treasure piles themselves can not. So, if you re-examine the treasure piles, you will find that the quest items, the deed, the gold, etc. will be transformed into real treasures for you to take. However they will just turn into random loot, so nothing too exciting and probably not worth doing a dungeon crawl to get these additional quest items.
The same is true for the Counterfeit Gold quest. Even though it states that you will be paid a certain amount per faked gold, your pay is the same no matter how many gold you bring back. So, just drop three on the floor, give one to the questgiver, and collect your gold-turned-treasure on the floor.
This can be done in many other quests, like [[Daggerfall:The Mummy's Finger|The Mummy's Finger]] for example. Just drop the finger and note on the floor when you arrive at the right dungeon. When you finish the mummy, they will turn into random treasures.
==Problems finding random quest locations in towns==
Sometimes when you are asking for a certain location in town e.g. a meeting place, hide-out etc. you will only come up wit a topic named "(your characters 'first name) house".<br>The game- engine often has problems when a quest uses more than one house in ththe same town. Cities on the other hand may be large enough so that this problem may not occure there. However this also means that the specific quest location does not exist which usually means you can't complete this quest. There is nothing you can do about this, either wait until the quest's time limit has expired or re-load a save game before you took this quest.<br>There are also a couple of quests containing bugs, that prevent quest locations from being revealed to your character. Just take a look [[Daggerfall:DFQFIX|here]] to learn how to get rid of these quest bugs.
==General Quest Hints==
* Quests that involve dungeon crawling are easily the longest, but provide the greatest opportunity for rewards and skill advancement.
* Doing several quests in a row for one particular guild allows you to pick up a new quest at the same time that you clear the previous one.
* The Fighters Guild quests to kill [[Daggerfall:Pack of Giants|giants]] or [[Daggerfall:Hunt for Harpies|harpies]] in dungeons can be finished quickly by resting near the entrance and killing the monsters that interrupt the resting process.
* There are many different types of quests (dungeon, guard, cast a spell, deliver, etc). Dungeon quests are easily the longest but will help increase skills and will gain many items and gold. The quickest are the guard type quests which can usually be done very quickly and are the best way to quickly improve your reputation within a guild.
* [[Daggerfall:The Mummy's Finger|Some quests]] require you to drop a quest item in a certain location. Due to a bug, the quest items will disappear from the drop location once the quest is complete, but the treasure pile created where the item was dropped will remain, and each quest item in the pile will be replaced by another random item, which can often be quite valuable.
* If you take the quest [[Daggerfall:Pack of Giants|Pack of Giants]] or [[Daggerfall:Hunt for Harpies|Hunt for Harpies]] from the Fighters Guild, travel to the dungeon enter it and go to a spot where you can rest and do so. In most case this can be right at the entrance of the dungeon Some Giants or Harpies (or any other creatures you shall exterminate) will come to you, so that you can get the quest done faster. You will have to kill a Giant/Harpy first, then rest. Your rest will then be interrupted and you should be able to hear the noises of the monster nearby. Kill the monster and rest again as needed until you have enough kills to complete the quest. This is a handy way to speed up this mundane dungeon quest and this will also work if you leave the dungeon. You can just camp outside waiting for the remaining monsters to show up.