Morrowind:Free Hides-His-Foot

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===Free Hides-His-Foot===
After her previous quest to rescue [[Morrowind:J'Saddha|J'Saddha]], [[Morrowind:Ilmeni Dren|Ilmeni Dren]] in [[Morrowind:Vivec (city)|Vivec]] will ask you to free an [[Morrowind:Argonian|Argonian]] slave, [[Morrowind:Hides-His-Foot|Hides-His-Foot]], from the [[Morrowind:Dren Plantation|Dren Plantation]] north of [[Morrowind:Vivec (city)|Vivec]] and escort him to [[Morrowind:Sterdecan's Farm|Sterdecan's Farm]]. You'll find the slave outside in the plantation, though if the guards see you free him they will attack you (you may want to kill the guards first to keep the slave safe, or try using a [[Morrowind:Command Humanoid|Command Humanoid]] spell on Hides-His-Foot before you speak to him and take him away from danger). Escort the slave to the Sterdecan's Farm to the northeast of the plantation and have the farmer take him (he must be taken to the door of the farmhouse for your journal to be updated). If you talk with Hides-His-Foot once you've rescued him, he'll tell you about a secret hidden in a locked room in Dren's cellar. The room is well guarded, but you'll have to take those guards out at one point or another in a variety of other quests.
Return to Ilmeni in [[Morrowind:Vivec (city)|Vivec]] to complete the quest. This is her last quest.
Sterdecan's Farm is more north-northeast of the Dren Plantation, on the eastern tip of [[Morrowind:Lake Amaya|Lake Amaya]]. J'Saddha must be taken to the door of the house for your journal to be updated and the quest completed, then you can talk to him about the secret.