Skyrim:Sharpslope Cave

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|imgdesc=Sharpslope Cave
|occupants=[[Skyrim:FalmerChaurus|FalmerChaurus]], [[Skyrim:ChaurusFalmer|ChaurusFalmer]], [[Skyrim:Shellbug|Shellbug]]
|description=located within the [[Skyrim:Forgotten_Vale|Forgotten Vale]] and is the location of one of the rare [[Skyrim:Shellbug|Shellbugsshellbugs]].
|location=[[Skyrim:Forgotten_Vale|Forgotten Vale]]
}}[[Category:Skyrim-Dawnguard]] [[Category:Skyrim-Dawnguard-Places]]
Within the cave you will run into a couple of [[Skyrim:Falmer|Falmer]] as well as [[Skyrim:Chaurus_Hunter|Chaurus Hunters]],several [[Skyrim:Chaurus|Chauruschaurus]], and a Shellbugshellbug. The Shellbugshellbug can be found in an alcove near the top of the spiral walkway.