Oblivion:Getting Around

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Fast Travel: Temporary boost to carrying capacity
Although Fast Travel is instant from your perspective, the game clock is adjusted by an "estimated" travel time. The estimate is based on the speed of your horse ''only if you are mounted at the time'' - merely owning a horse is not enough. This means that fast-traveling from inside a city, where you cannot be mounted, is normally much slower than traveling from the outside world. Otherwise it is based on your own [[Oblivion_talk:Movement_Formulas|Active Speed]], which means it is affected by your Equipment Weight, and even by whether or not you are in Sneak mode; having a weapon drawn also slows your regular movement and therefore fast travel.
You can ''not'' fast travel while over-encumbered.; Seesee the previous section for ways of overcoming this problem. However, if you have a temporary boost to your carrying capacity via a spell or potion, you ''can'' fast travel to any location, even if the spell/potion effect has only a few seconds before it expires. Of course once you reach your destination you will be over-encumbered again.
Fast Travel journeys that take an hour or more of game time will restore you to full health.