Skyrim:Summerset Shadows

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Bugs: Console Fix.
{{Bug|The optional objective to burn the banner sometimes doesn't pop up.}}
{{Bug|Once Summerset Shadows has been completed, Uttering Hills Cave will no longer be populated by bandits but with respawning members of the Summerset Shadows. This can be a potential problem if the player has not completed quests that may require this location, such as [[Skyrim:Kill the Bandit Leader|killing Bandit leaders]].}}
{{Bug|On a PC the console can be used to fix this bug BUT should only be used after the Thieves Guild quest is completed. Open it up and type PRID C5675 <ENTER>, then DISABLE <ENTER>.--Tiger8u2 09:23, 6 August 2012 (UTC)|vn=1}}
==Quest Stages==