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Skyrim:Wooden Mask

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Artifact: Wooden Mask (00061cca)
(lore page)
Type Light Helmet
Editor ID ArmorDragonPriestMaskWoodHelmet
Armor Rating Rating 1
Armor Rating Rating 1 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 2 Value Value 51
Quality Tempering Not possible
Quality Tempering Not possible Perk
The wooden mask hums with an unfamiliar energy:
  • Bromjunaar's Mystery, 1 pt
Wooden Mask

The Wooden Mask is a dragon priest mask found in the exterior of Labyrinthian inside what was a perfectly round but is now a ruined building. It is alongside a long-forgotten note, the Hired Thug's Missive and presumably the owner's skeleton. It is enchanted with an effect named Bromjunaar's Mystery that causes the wearer to be teleported backwards in time to Bromjunaar Sanctuary. The special effect only works if the mask is equipped while inside of the ruined building where it was initially found. It is also necessary to unlock Konahrik.


  • All dragon priest masks are considered to be circlets in terms of equipment slots, meaning they can be worn simultaneously with some bugged items, as detailed under circlets.
  • Unlike the other masks, the Wooden Mask will respawn over time. This means it is possible (though not very useful) to acquire more than one of them but does alleviate the problem if you drop the mask and/or lose it.
  • HendraheimCC, Shadowfoot SanctumCC, Tundra Homestead's cellarCC, Bloodchill CavernCC, and Myrwatch's galleryCC contain a special holder for this item.
  • While you have to have this mask equipped to be transported back in time to the undamaged sanctuary, note that simply entering the ruin with the mask already equipped will not work; you have to put the mask on when inside the sanctuary before the enchantment takes effect. The threshold for where the sanctuary "begins" is just beyond the banners before each opening, when the smooth stone of the steps is replaced by rougher floor.