Skyrim:Widow's Watch Ruins

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Imperial Tower:
Widow's Watch Ruins
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Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 6
Important Treasure
2920, Rains's Hand, v4
Console Location Code(s)
WidowsWatchRuinsExterior01, WidowsWatchRuinsExterior02
Northeast of Fort Hraggstad
West of Ravenscar Hollow
Widow's Watch Ruins

Widow's Watch Ruins is a small tower located northeast of Fort Hraggstad, occupied by a single hag.

Widow's Watch RuinsEdit

This is a typical tower, except for the fact that it has suffered due to a landslide and is slanting quite a lot; this can make traversing it a bit tricky. Once you have defeated the lone hag living here, you are free to explore. Keep climbing the structure to the top, then keep looping around counterclockwise until you reach a higher doorway. Enter and go up the wooden stairs, and cross the wooden plank to reach an expert-locked chest partially hidden behind a table, next to which is a copy of the Restoration skill book 2920, Rain's Hand, v4 that may be hiding behind a random shield. There is nothing else of interest here.


  • Sometimes the book and shield can get dislodged and found elsewhere around the tower and surrounding area.
  • Widow's Watch Ruins also appears in ESO as Sword's Point Watchtower.