Skyrim:White Stag

Skyrim: Creatures: Animals
White Stag (RefID: 00090CE1)
Location Falkreath Hold
Species Deer Soul
Level 1 Type Animals
RefID 00090CE1 BaseID 00104F46
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 0
Stamina 25
Faction(s) Creature Faction; PreyFaction; Spriggan Prey Faction
The White Stag in Falkreath Hold

The White Stag is a unique animal which appears during the quest Ill Met By Moonlight. It's much larger than a normal deer, and its fur is much lighter as well.

According to Sinding, the stag roams Falkreath Hold while Hircine awaits a hunter skilled enough to kill it. However, the stag does not appear until the related quest is started.

Related QuestsEdit


  • The body of the White Stag doesn't seem to disappear.
  • The White Stag may occasionally run past the map boundaries and become unreachable.
    • PC This can be resolved by moving the White Stag using Console Commands.