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Skyrim:The Black Star

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This article is about the quest. For the item, see The Black Star (item).

Help find and repair Azura's Star.
Quest Giver: Aranea Ienith
Location(s): Shrine of Azura, Ilinalta's Deep,
Azura's Star Interior.
Reward: Azura's Star and fellowship of Aranea Ienith, or
The Black Star
Disposition: =3 (Aranea Ienith)
=-1 (Nelacar)
=3 (Nelacar)
=-1 (Aranea Ienith)
ID: DA01Intro, DA01
Suggested Level: 8
Shrine of Azura

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Go to the Shrine of Azura.
  2. Speak with Nelacar in Winterhold.
  3. Go to Ilinalta's Deep.
  4. Claim the Broken Star.
  5. Give the star to Aranea or Nelacar.
  6. Cleanse the star from within.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Twilight of the FutureEdit

All over Skyrim, innkeepers will readily tell you about the Shrine of Azura, a monument built by the Dunmer after they fled Morrowind. Additionally, an encounter with the wandering Dunmer Faldrus will point you in the same direction, so make your way to the shrine; it is located in the snowy mountains south of Winterhold. The gigantic statue faces south atop a mountain and a long staircase. The only remaining worshipper at the Shrine, the mage Aranea Ienith, will claim that your arrival was expected, as Azura herself foresaw it and transferred the knowledge to her.

The prediction involves a "fortress endangered by water, yet untouched by it" and finding an "elven mage able to turn the brightest star as black as night". Aranea will admit her description to be more cryptic than useful and will direct you to the snowy town of Winterhold for clues. In Winterhold, numerous people can help, directing you to talk to a mage named Nelacar.

Name "Is there an elven mage here that studies stars?" Follow-Up Question
(Option 1)
Response Follow-Up Question
(Option 2)
Dagur "The mages are up in the College. You can ask them, if they'll let you in.
Then again, Nelacar might know. He's an old-timer from the College, but he has a room here."
Nirya "Did you say an "elf" and "stars"? I hope you don't know what you're asking." What is it? What happened? "There was an... unfortunate incident a few years ago. An elven mage named Nelacar was exiled from the College over it.
He's still in town, getting by plying spells to the people inside the Frozen Hearth. Disgraceful."
Would you believe I was given a vision? "You were given a vision? Are you serious?
Whatever. The person you probably want is Nelacar. He's in the Frozen Hearth. Be careful, he was exiled from the College for a reason."
Mirabelle Ervine ""An elf that studies stars"? Where did you hear about that?" "Officially, nothing.
Why don't you head into town and get a drink at the Frozen Hearth? I hear old Nelacar still has a room there. He knows a lot of stories, that one."
"No. I wouldn't.
Why don't you head into town and get a drink at the Frozen Hearth? I hear old Nelacar still has a room there. He knows a lot of stories, that one."
Tolfdir "Studies stars you say? Why, there hasn't been a mage doing anything related to stars since.... Oh...." "Well, it's a... minor stain on the College's reputation. One of many, unfortunately.
You should head to the Frozen Hearth and speak with Nelacar. It's his story to tell, and I wouldn't want to discredit him by talking behind his back."
The vision is true, isn't it? "Vision? What vision are you talking about? Oh, no matter.
You should head to the Frozen Hearth and speak with Nelacar. It's his story to tell, and I wouldn't want to discredit him by talking behind his back."
Faralda "Why specifically stars? Wait, you aren't referring to... No, there's no way you would know about that." "It was a few years ago. A few of the mages got overconfident and were exiled. They had no talent, anyway.
I hear one of them, Nelacar, still hangs around the Frozen Hearth. Guess he has no where else to go, poor thing."
Would you believe I was given a vision? "Well, I've certainly heard worse things.
I think the man you want to talk to is Nelacar. He was exiled a few years ago, bad research. Still hangs around the Frozen Hearth."
Drevis Neloren "I know plenty of spells that produce light, but stars? Hmm. There was that problem a few years ago, but that couldn't be related." "There was some bother about a group of mages being exiled. I can't remember what the details were.
I think one of them came back. Nelacar. Stays at the Frozen Hearth, but I don't know why. He's not welcome in the College."
Something tells me that it is. "You should go into town and talk to an elf named Nelacar. He was involved in the whole mess."
Phinis Gestor "Stars? You wouldn't be referring to that incident a few years ago? I still say that exile was far too harsh." "You shouldn't ask me. There's an Altmer named Nelacar in the Frozen Hearth. He's the one to talk to." Did you say "exile"? "Yes, I did. I shouldn't be the one to tell you about this. There's an Altmer named Nelacar in the Frozen Hearth. Believe me, he'll know."
Colette Marence "Why would anyone bother to study stars? Well, unless you're talking about that artifact that got all those... dimwits thrown out." "Dimwits"? What happened? "Oh, no, I'm not falling for that one again. Next thing I know, I'm getting yelled at for saying something inappropriate.
If you're so curious, talk to Nelacar, in the Frozen Hearth. He can tell you the whole sad story."
Wait. What artifact? "Oh no, I'm not talking about that. I'm not being blamed for saying something out of place. Again.
If you want to know, ask Nelacar. He's staying at the Frozen Hearth. Knows the whole sad story."
Sergius Turrianus "Studies stars? I remember the last time the word "stars" was flown through the Hall of the Elements. Bad things had happened." What kind of things? "The kind of things that even the College won't tolerate. Things that can get a wizard exiled for life.
There's an Altmer who's staying at the Frozen Hearth. Nelacar. You should speak with him, if you're so curious."
Is the College hiding something? "Almost the opposite. The College got rid of something... someone, that was too much trouble.
There's an Altmer named Nelacar staying at the inn outside the College. You should ask him about it."

However, it's not necessary to speak with them, so it's fastest to simply go straight to the Frozen Hearth and talk to Nelacar directly.

The Black StarEdit

Nelacar will provide the information that you seek, while reluctant at first, thinking you another applicant for the College of Winterhold. If you reveal yourself as an agent of Azura, you will have to pass an easy-level Speech check or he will dismiss you outright. He will not say no to a bit of coin either, and will break down if you intimidate him (see bugs section).

Option Dialogue Reaction
A priestess of Azura sent me. (Persuade) Passed: Azura? Gods, it's all finally coming back to haunt me.
Failed: You're working with the Daedra? Right. Now tell me the one about the Argonian Maid and the lusty baron.
Passed: Locate the Star
Failed: Nothing
Look, I'm willing to pay. (Bribe) Passed: A few coins for my soul? If only you understood the irony.
Failed: I don't think you understand. I'm not answering questions.
Passed: Locate the Star
Failed: Nothing
I didn't agree to anything. Talk. (Intimidate) Passed: Just calm down. I'll tell you everything.
Failed: Do you think muscling me is going to work? I'm a wizard. An old. Elven. Wizard. Think about it.
Passed: Locate the Star
Failed: Nothing
I misspoke. Forget I asked. That's for the best. Nothing

Either way, he will quickly ask you what you know about soul gems and provide a quick introduction, stating that they all break after use, except for one. He will then tell you the story of one Malyn Varen, a former teacher at the College, who examined the Daedric artifact Azura's Star along with a few colleagues and students. Nobody knew that Malyn was actually ill and dying and was using the Star to save himself. But by trying to make himself immortal, he lost his sanity in the process. One day, the experiment escalated to the point where Malyn killed a student and attempted to use her soul for research and, as a result, was banished from the College. He, along with a few loyal disciples, moved to the secluded depths of Ilinalta's Deep. Nelacar will finish with a plea that you don't return the Star to Azura. His request will be left hanging, as you can do nothing but travel to Ilinalta's Deep and search for Malyn and the Star.

Ilinalta's DeepEdit

A fisherman without a soul

What turned Ilinalta into Ilinalta's Deep remains a mystery, as the entire fort suddenly sank into Lake Ilinalta with only the rooftops sticking out of the water. According to local legend, the place is cursed and travelers are known to go missing. Upon entering, the earthly remains of a Fisherman, his bones still in shackles, will welcome you. Examine his knapsack for a journal and some minor loot, then proceed forward and take a left at the waterfall. Not surprisingly, given the background story provided by Nelacar, the inhabitants include necromancers and their Undead allies, so be on the lookout for rare ingredients and potions. The fourth room, almost completely flooded, contains two necromancers and an underwater chest. Two water-soaked sleeping areas follow, with the second one containing the Alteration skill book Breathing Water (floating or on the ceiling, in a side room whose entrance is underwater), and the last containing the Enchanting skill book A Tragedy in Black, an alchemy lab, and an arcane enchanter, along with a locked door hiding minor loot. The next area includes a necromage, who will use frost spells, and a resurrected bandit on the other side of a pond. Dispose of the opposition, locate a nearby chest for some treasure, then pull the chain on the wall. This not only lowers the bridge behind you, it also provides access to the second zone further ahead. Stairs down the east wall into the water lead to a locked door, behind which potions and a chest are to be found. Take the western exit, and consider unlocking the door for a few potions. Proceed forward, remove the bar from the door and reenter the very first chamber of the zone, this time on a different level. You can now easily gain access to the second zone through the northern door, and a new bridge leading downstairs will make future exploration much easier.

Malyn VarenEdit

The remains of Malyn Varen

Proceed carefully forward through the tunnel and you will overhear two necromancers having a conversation on how to find another soul for the insatiable Star:
"More souls are needed for the Star. The last one died before he could be harvested."
"We can't take another villager from the surface so soon. I told you to prepare everything properly!"
"We can just sacrifice another disciple. Apprentice Haerlon will be no great waste."
"Yes. He'll do."
Dispose of them and look around the area for a few soul gems and the Conjuration skill book The Doors of Oblivion. A few potions can be found behind the eastern door, while the western tunnel leads to an imprisonment area guarded by a skeleton and yet another necromancer. In the final chamber, a boss-level necromancer will quickly reanimate three skeletons; after the fight, head up the stairs where you will find a dead bandit lying in her own blood, the earthly remains of Malyn Varen, along with his revealing Grimoire, a boss-leveled chest, and Azura's Star, currently broken due to Malyn's experiments. Taking the Star on the floor next to the dead bandit has no consequences, other than a choice: either bring the Star to Nelacar in Winterhold or to Aranea at the Shrine.

A Soul to KeepEdit

If you return to the Shrine, you will speak to Azura. She will tell you that it is unusable until you have purged Varen's soul from the star. Likewise, Nelacar will tell you the same thing. The difference is the Star's use afterwards. If you bring it to Azura, you will be able to use it to trap any sized soul except for black souls (i.e., souls from NPCs). If you bring it to Nelacar, you will be able to trap all souls, including black, though Nelacar tells you that it can only trap black souls (see bugs section).

The Black Star
When you return to the Frozen Hearth, Nelacar will be astounded that you managed to bring back the Star, but will soon realize the exact reason for the many disappearances in and around Ilinalta. Malyn Varen now resides inside the Star, but, to stay alive, needs more and more souls, which were provided by his disciples until now. After a bit of examination, Nelacar will see the opportunity to finish what he and Malyn started all those years ago, and will suggest that you cleanse the Star. If you accept, he will trap your soul and send you into the Star to confront Malyn.
Azura's Star
Head back to the Shrine of Azura, and an eager Aranea will immediately take the broken Star from you, then invite you to communicate with Azura. Place your hands upon the altar, and Azura will speak from the planes of Oblivion. She will say how grateful she is to see the Star returned, but will also provide the bad news: due to Malyn's occupation of the Star, the artifact will be useless to you until you venture inside and banish Malyn's soul by defeating him. Once you are ready, Azura will promise to watch over you as you are transported inside the Star's realm.

Inside the StarEdit

Malyn Varen inside the Star

Once you have made your choice, you will be transported inside the star to battle Malyn Varen. The interior of Azura's Star is a light-blue, surreal world with spikes and chiming sounds. Malyn will be waiting for you just inside, eager to feast on yet another soul; he will, however, quickly realize that something is wrong and rush further into the Star, throwing a few leveled Dremora at you. The interior offers very little to hide behind, making stealth a difficult option for combat. It is not possible to fall over the ledges, so proceed forward and remember to collect the valuable Daedra Hearts from fallen enemies. Once you have defeated Malyn, depending on your earlier choice, the Star will turn either black or white and you will be returned to your mortal body in Skyrim. If you went with Aranea, you will be given the restored Azura's Star, capable of capturing White Souls. Additionally, Azura will set Aranea free and she may become a follower. If you went with Nelacar, you will receive The Black Star.


  • Upon completing the quest, two necromancers may hunt you down. One of them carries a scrawled note that reads: "Malyn Varen's death will not go unpunished. Find the holder of Azura's Star and enact vengeance, or it will be your souls I rend for my enchantments."
  • Some people will comment if you have Azura's star in your possession:
    • Guards react with awe, saying "By Shor, is that... is that Azura's Star? How did you come to possess such a rare treasure?"
    • Nelacar reacts negatively, saying, "I don't like doing business with Azura's faithful... make it quick."
    • The Azura-worshipping denizens of Solstheim, however, have no unique reactions.
  • It is possible to defeat Malyn before he can flee further into the star by immediately exiting conversation with him and using an attack that paralyzes or staggers him, such as a power attack, a spell or poison with a Paralyze effect, or Unrelenting Force. This is especially useful if you are having trouble dealing with the magical damage this location's foes throw at you.
  • It is possible to reach Ilinalta's Deluge by using Whirlwind Sprint at the highest rock nearby. If you retrieve Broken Azura's Star before starting the quest, you can give it to Nelacar but not Aranea Ienith.
  • Once you kill Malyn Varen you will be pulled out of the star, so be sure to loot all desired items from him and the other foes as soon as possible.


  • Nelacar's persuasion check compares against his own Speech skill instead of yours, and so will always fail, unless wearing the Amulet of Articulation.
  • If you talk to Dagur after you speak to Nelacar and inquire about a mage who studies stars, the quest will add an objective to talk to Nelacar. Since you already have, you can not get the quest to update that point because the proper options are already gone. It does not appear that this prevents you from progressing with the previously added objective of finding the star.
  • Despite the Black Star's supposed inability to collect white souls, it can actually collect any soul.
  • A boulder meant to prevent access to the second zone of Ilinalta's Deep will occasionally still be present, even during the quest. The only known fix is to exit and reenter the ruin. ?
  • Even after completing The Black Star, this quest can be restarted and reenter the journal. If this happens, it cannot be completed, as talking to Aranea Ienith again at the Shrine will not advance it further.
  • If you are killed by a dremora in the Star after killing Malyn Varen, you might spawn at your last save with both the repaired Star and the broken Star in your inventory.
  • When you approach Malyn Varen, you may not be able to pick up the star. Also, at the end of the quest, you may not be given the star.
    • Reloading a saved game should fix this.
    •  The bug when approaching Malyn can also be fixed by adding a Black Star to your inventory via console (player.additem 63b29 1) and then dropping it. Once dropped, both the Black Star from your inventory and the Star stuck to Malyn should be next to each other.
  • You can escape the dialogue with Nelacar right after the Persuade speech check but before advancing quest stage. It can then be repeated for leveling up Speech. ?
  • The large crystal on the upper right corner inside the star is not solid, allowing you to fall through it. ?
  • The Black Star may disappear from your inventory randomly after completing the quest. ?
    •  Might be fixed by reloading a prior save with the star, dropping it on the ground and picking it back up.

Quest StagesEdit

Introduction (DA01Intro)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Visit the Shrine of Azura
The Black Star (DA01)
10 Aranea, a priestess of Azura, says I am destined to find "an elven man, who can turn the brightest star as black as night." She believes he is in Winterhold.
Objective 10: Find the elven mage from Aranea's vision
Objective 20: Speak to Nelacar
30 Nelacar has told me that his old mentor, Maylyn [sic] Varen, was experimenting on Azura's Star. Malyn's last known location is Ilinalta's Deep.
Objective 30: Find Azura's Star
50 I have Azura's Star, but it's been corrupted by Malyn Varen's magic. I could take the Star to either Aranea or Nelacar to have it repaired.
Objective 40 or 45: Bring the Star to Aranea or Bring the Star to Nelacar
Objective 60: Speak to Azura
Objective 62: Tell Azura you're ready to enter the Star
Objective 65: Tell Nelacar you're ready to enter the Star
70 I am inside Azura's Star and must defeat Malyn Varen's soul in order for Azura to purify the Star and bring me out.
Objective 80: Destroy Malyn Varen's soul
75 I am inside Azura's Star and must defeat Malyn Varen's soul in order for Nelacar to bring me out and complete the Black Star.
Objective 80: Destroy Malyn Varen's soul
100 Finishes quest  I have cleansed Azura's Star, the infinite Soul Gem. It is mine to do with as I see fit.
110 Finishes quest  I have completed the Black Star, an infinite Black Soul Gem. It is now mine to do with as I please.
250 Fails quest 
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table:
    • DA01Intro: 100.
    • DA01: 0, 25, 57, 58, 60, 80, 90, 95.
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  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Quest" it means the quest disappears from the Active Quest list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest.
  • On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage DA01Intro, DA01 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the quest using resetquest DA01Intro, DA01.