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Four sets of heavy Vigil Armor variants are added to the game by the Vigil Enforcer Armor Set Creation (themed after the Vigil of Stendarr). One set of each can be obtained through the related quest, and after completion can be crafted at a forge.

While the Steel Smithing perk is required to craft it, the armor stats are identical to steel plate (which requires Advanced Armors). The only differences are the raw materials needed to craft the armors (which are slightly cheaper), and the existence of an open helmet version with lower stats and a sashed armor version available for two variants.

The Vigil Enforcer and Vigil Veteran sets are almost visually identical, with the Enforcer set lacking the Veteran set's elaborate steel etchings on the shoulderpads and upper chest. Note that the open helmet versions of the Corrupted and Veteran variants have lower stats than their regular versions, while the Enforcer and Silver Hand helmets are technically open helmets as well, they nevertheless have the same stats and recipes as the normal versions of the former.

All items can be tempered using one steel ingot, and having the Steel Smithing perk doubles the quality improvement.

Name (ID) Weight Value Armor Rating Raw Materials Delta Ratio
SR-icon-ingot-Steel Ingot.png Steel SR-icon-ingot-Iron Ingot.png Iron SR-icon-misc-LeatherStrips.png Strips Weight Value Weight Value
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Corrupted Armor.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Enforcer Armor.png
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Silver Hand Armor.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Veteran Armor.png
Vigil Corrupted Armor
Vigil Enforcer Armor
Vigil Silver Hand Armor
Vigil Veteran Armor
38 625 40 4 1 3 32.7 529 7.17 6.51
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Corrupted Sashed Armor.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Veteran Sashed Armor.png Vigil Corrupted Sashed Armor
Vigil Veteran Sashed Armor
38 625 40 4 1 4 32.6 526 7.04 6.31
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Corrupted Boots.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Enforcer Boots.png
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Silver Hand Boots.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Veteran Boots.png
Vigil Corrupted Boots
Vigil Enforcer Boots
Vigil Silver Hand Boots
Vigil Veteran Boots
9 125 14 2 1 2 5.8 72 2.81 2.36
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Corrupted Gauntlets.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Enforcer Gauntlets.png
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Silver Hand Gauntlets.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Veteran Gauntlets.png
Vigil Corrupted Gauntlets
Vigil Enforcer Gauntlets
Vigil Silver Hand Gauntlets
Vigil Veteran Gauntlets
6 125 14 2 1 2 2.8 72 1.9 2.36
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Corrupted Helmet.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Enforcer Helmet.png
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Silver Hand Helmet.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Veteran Helmet.png
Vigil Corrupted Helmet
Vigil Enforcer Helmet
Vigil Silver Hand Helmet
Vigil Veteran Helmet
6 300 19 2 1 2 2.8 247 1.9 5.66
SR-icon-armor-Vigil Corrupted Open Helmet.pngSR-icon-armor-Vigil Veteran Open Helmet.png Vigil Corrupted Open Helmet
Vigil Veteran Open Helmet
5 125 17 1 1 2 2.8 92 2.27 3.79
Totals (with normal helmet): 59 1,175 87 10 5 10 (if sashed)
Totals (with open helmet): 58 1,000 85 9 5 9 (if not)


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