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(RefID: 0001C3AE)
(lore page)
Location Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=5-50) Class Assassin
RefID 0001C3AE BaseID 0001C3AA
Other Information
Health 350+(PC-1)×8.3
Magicka 50+(PC-1)×1.7
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×5
Primary Skills One-handed, Sneak, Archery, Light Armor
Class Details CombatAssassin
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Voice Type MaleArgonian
Faction(s) The Dark Brotherhood; FavorExcludedFaction

Veezara is an Argonian assassin who works for the Dark Brotherhood. He is not a quest giver, and usually hangs around the Sanctuary, either resting or training.

He wears the Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Armor, Shrouded Gloves, and Shrouded Boots and wields a steel sword.

On most days, he lives a very relaxed life in the Sanctuary, getting up at 8am. He then spends the rest of the day sitting around or chatting with other assassins. Then, at midnight, he'll head to his bed to finally get some sleep.

When you greet him, he'll give some information on his past, saying, "Me, I have been part of the Dark Brotherhood from the day I first hatched. I am a Shadowscale, you see. Born under the sign of the Shadow.", "I serve Astrid, and this Sanctuary. Life is simple, and good.", or "The Shadowscales are all but forgotten. An ancient tradition, from another time." He may also greet you with a more basic "Greetings, brother/sister." If he catches you sneaking by him, he'll say, "I've hardly anything worth pickpocketing..." If you ask what he can say about himself, he'll say, "Once, I was a Shadowscale. An assassin in service to the King of Black Marsh. Trained by the Dark Brotherhood since the day of my hatching. Ah, but that was a lifetime ago. Today, I am the last of my kind. My order is extinct. Now, I happily serve Astrid, and this Sanctuary. I am a trained killer, and once again have been given purpose. Life is good." If you ask him what he thinks about Cicero and the Night Mother, he'll say, "Truthfully? I'm not entirely sure. It's not that I don't have the utmost respect for Sithis, and the Night Mother, and the ancient ways. I do. But I've never been much for religion. I kill because it's what I've been trained to do. It's all I know. So long as Astrid is happy, I'm happy."

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit


When you first enter the Sanctuary, Veezara will be taking part in the following conversation:

Quality "family" time

Arnbjorn: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
Veezara: "Ha ha ha ha! Again! Again! Do the part where he tries to buy you some candy."
Babette: "Okay, okay. Wait. Here we go. "Ooh, you are such a pretty little girl. Would the sweetie like a sweetie? Oh yes, how about some chocolate?" Oh yes, please, kind sir. My mama and papa left me all alone, and I'm so very hungry. I know a shortcut to the candy shop. Through this alley. Oh ya, very good. Very good. My it is dark down here. Oh, but you are so beautiful. Such a lovely smile. Your teeth... your teeth! No! Aggghh!!"
Gabriella: "Oh Babette, but you are so wicked."
Nazir: "What about you, Festus? How did that last contract turn out?"
Arnbjorn: "Oh, yes, please, old man. Regale us with your tales of wizardry..."
Festus Krex: "Ah, the young and stupid. Always mocking the experienced and brilliant. My contract went very well, I'll have you know. Tried a new spell. Little something I've been working on in my spare time. Came "this" close to turning that priest inside out. Damned messy."
Gabriella: "And what of your latest, Arnbjorn. Something about a Khajiit? Merchant was it?"
Babette: "Oh, a big doggy chasing a little kitty! How adorable!"
Nazir: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
Festus: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
Veezara: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
Arnbjorn: "I am not adorable, it was not funny, and he wasn't a merchant. He was a Khajiit monk, a master of the Whispering Fang style. But now he's dead... and I have a new loincloth."
Arnbjorn: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
Babette: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
Festus: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
Nazir: "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

When you first talk to him, he'll say, "Welcome, my brother/sister. Welcome to our Sanctuary. You have made the right choice, joining us, I assure you." After this, you'll get three options, regardless of which you response you choose he will say "You just trust in Astrid, follow her orders, and you'll do fine here."

Bound Until DeathEdit

Veezara in Solitude

After you kill Vittoria Vici in Solitude, Veezara will run up to you and say, "Astrid ordered me to keep an eye on you. Figured you could use a hand when the chaos erupted. I'll try and hold them off as best I can. You get back to the Sanctuary!" He'll now help you fight the guards and anyone else at the wedding trying to kill you. If you talk to him some more, he'll also say, "We'll meet back up at the Sanctuary! I'll be fine. Go!" and "I guess we should have expected this response, hmm?"

When you see him back at the Sanctuary, he'll say, "Ah, you're back. It was good to fight alongside you. I'm sure people won't be forgetting that wedding anytime soon, hmm?"

The Cure for MadnessEdit

When you return to the Sanctuary, you'll find Veezara wounded on the ground. Babette will be tending to the injured Veezara:

"Just try to relax, Veezara."

Babette: "Just try to relax, Veezara. Let the elixir do its work. You'll feel better, shortly."
Veezara: "Achh... Thank you, dear. You are most kind. The jester's cut feels as bad as it looks, I'm afraid."
Astrid: "Damn it, this never should have happened! We knew better. We knew better, and still we let our guards down. Agh!"
Festus Krex: "I'll admit, even I'm having a hard time disagreeing with you..."

When you're done talking with Astrid, Veezara will say:

Veezara: "Bested by a fool. Who's the fool now, hmm?"
Babette: "Hush, Veezara. You were very brave. Astrid may well be dead if not for you."
Astrid: "She's right. I'll be forever in your debt, dearest brother. Now be quiet. Just... just rest."

If you talk to him, he'll say, "It only hurts when I laugh. He he he. Owww..."

Death IncarnateEdit

When you finish To Kill an Empire, and return to Sanctuary, you will find Veezara murdered by the Penitus Oculatus in the first room of the Sanctuary. Sometimes, when you find him dead he won't be wearing armor.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!Edit

During Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!, you will be sent to kill every Dark Brotherhood member in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Veezara will be one of the required people to kill. During this quest, he gains a leveled war axe as well as a leveled sword, a leveled invisibility potion and a leveled healing potion.

Quest-Related AdviceEdit

Contract Advice
Mourning Never Comes "You must speak to that Muiri woman, correct? I have heard rumors in Windhelm. She was recently implicated in a thievery, along with her lover. The lover will likely be your target. If memory serves me correctly, he leads a group of bandits. So this may be rather interesting for you."
Whispers in the Dark "You're joking. While I can understand if some family members wish to honor the Old Ways once more, surely no one would oppose Astrid's rule."
The Silence Has Been Broken "Just remember Astrid's commitment to her Sanctuary, to her Family. A Family that now counts you as one of its own. Honor Astrid above all others."
Bound Until Death "Your contract sounds simple, which means it certainly will not be. Getting into that reception will be easy, but have you thought about getting out?"
Breaching Security "Astrid had me investigate the Penitus Oculatus. Their members are highly trained, effective warriors. Be on your guard, brother/sister."
The Cure for Madness "Yes, do not underestimate Cicero. A man like that, small and foolish, is easy to mock. To underestimate. Don't make the same mistake I did."
Recipe for Disaster "Hmm... Well, assuming this Gourmet is just a cook, it will probably be an easy kill. Just be discreet - alerting others will be the real threat."
To Kill an Empire "Astrid has arranged for your escape, no? Then you have nothing to worry about. Get in, kill the Emperor, and get out. Then, we celebrate."
Honor Thy Family "There are so few rules here. All we ask is that you don't disrespect your Family. But for some reason, you have. Best talk to Nazir and pay the fine."


  • Veezara's corpse is actually a different NPC and does not carry his inventory contents.