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Vantus Loreius
(RefID: 0001A6B2)
Location The Pale
House Loreius Farm
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 6 Class Citizen
RefID 0001A6B2 BaseID 0001A6B1
Other Information
Health 91 Magicka 67
Stamina 67
Primary Skills Enchanting, Restoration
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes, until With Friends Like These...
Voice Type MaleEvenToned
Faction(s) CrimeFactionPale; FavorExcludedFaction; JobFarmerFaction; TownLoreiusFarmFaction
Vantus Loreius

Vantus Loreius is an Imperial citizen who lives at Loreius Farm with his wife Curwe. During the related quest, you can help him try and get rid of the jester Cicero or persuade him to repair Cicero's wagon. If you go along with Loreius' plan, it will result in he and his wife being killed after the completion of the quest.

Loreius dedicates much of his time to working on his farm alongside his wife. He begins his day by waking up at 7am to have a one-hour breakfast inside his home. Once he finishes his meal, he will head outside and will work around his farm for the next 11 hours. He can usually be found tending the field, but may also be found occasionally taking a break by sitting on the chair on his porch. After a long day of work, he will head back inside his house at 7pm to have dinner. He will find a seat and enjoy his meal before going to bed at 8pm.

Loreius wears a set of green farm clothes, a pair of gloves, and a pair of boots. He is equipped with an iron dagger, and carries a key to the farmhouse, as well as a selection of common items and gold.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Delayed BurialEdit

"Or maybe you missed the demented little man in the jester's garb, down by the road?"

Whether or not you talked to Cicero, when you approach Loreius he will say:

"Oh, for the love of Mara. What now?"

If you have not spoken to Cicero:

Is something wrong?
"Is something wrong. 'Is something wrong?' he/she asks. Yes, something is bloody well wrong! Or maybe you missed the demented little man in the jester's garb, down by the road? Goes by the name of Cicero? Crazy fool's asked me to fix his broken wagon wheel five times. He won't take no for an answer. Why can't he just leave us alone?"

If you have spoken to Cicero:

The, um, little man really needs your help. With his wagon?
"That Cicero feller? Hmph. Tell me something I don't know. Crazy fool's already asked me about five times. Seems he's not satisfied with my answer. Why can't he just leave us alone?"

Either leads to:

So what's the problem? I'm sure he'll pay you…
"Pay me? You think this is about money? Have you seen the man? He's completely out of his head. A jester? Here, in Skyrim? Ain't been a merryman in these parts for a hundred years. And he's transporting some giant box. Says it's a coffin, and he's going to bury his mother. Mother my eye. He could have anything in there. War contraband. Weapons. Skooma. Ain't no way I'm getting involved in any of that."
Hmm. You have a point. What can I do to help?
"Well, there is something. There's a guard, patrols the road that crazy jester is on. He passes by pretty often. You could report the fool. You know, say he's done something against the law. That will at least get rid of him for me. What do you say?"
I won't condemn an innocent man.
"Hmph. Fine. Suit yourself. But you're wrong, anyway. Just look at the fool. I don't know what it is, but he's damn well guilty of something."
I'll do it. I'll report Cicero to the guard.
"Ha! Wonderful! Like I said, the guard is down by the road. You really can't miss him. You tell him that jester is up to no good, and he'll deal with it. Then come back here, and I'll toss a few coins your way, yeah?"
He's a stranger who needs assistance. Please, do the right thing.
"What? And just who in Mara's name are you, anyway? Hmm? Come here, telling me my business. And for what? To help a... a... a fool!"
You know you should help him. (Persuade)
"Look, I... I... You're right. You're right. Feller might be nutters, might not. But fact is, he needs help. I turn him away, what kind of man am I, hmm? Look, um... Thanks. And I'm sorry for my unneighborly reaction. If you talk to Cicero, you be sure and tell him I'll be down to help soon."
All right, you've swayed me. So what can I do?

Depending on your previous actions, a number of different dialogue greetings and options are now available when you talk to Loreius. If you did not agree immediately to lie to the guard, Loreius will now greet you with:

"I thought we'd talked enough. Unless you've reconsidered my offer? That Cicero needs sortin'..."

If you exit dialogue before choosing any of these options, he will mutter to himself:

"A jester. In these parts. Man must be completely off his tree."

Alternatively, if you immediately agreed to tell the guard that Cicero is up to no good and did not agree to help Cicero beforehand, he will urge you on:

"You need to report that crazy jester to the guard. He should be patrolling the road."

Finally, if you persuaded him to help Cicero, he will say:

"You can tell Cicero I'll be along presently. I just need to do a couple things here first, and gather my tools."

If you talk to Loreius again after completing the quest this way, he will reassure you that he intends to repair the wagon:

"Just need to gather my tools and finish up a couple of things. No worries - I'll see to Cicero, make sure that wagon gets fixed."

Alternatively, you can choose to lie to the wandering guard and say that Cicero has committed some crime. Cicero will become outraged when he is confronted by the guard, blaming Loreius. Once the deed is done, you can return to the farmer who will ask:

"Well? Is it done? Have you reported the fool to the guard?"
I have. Cicero won't be bothering you anymore.
"Ha ha! Oh, I knew I had a good feeling about you! Here, my friend. A few septims, to show my thanks, hmm? And may that twisted little jester rot in a cell for a fortnight!"

If you talk to him again, he will mock Cicero:

"Little fool's going to experience the hard reality of Skyrim justice, eh?"

Unfortunately for Loreius, Cicero is more dangerous and demented than he could have imagined. He also happens to be a member of the Dark Brotherhood. As such, if you told the guard he committed a crime, he will get his revenge by killing Loreius and his wife. Should you return to the farm later, the patrolling guard will warn you about the gruesome scene: "You don't want to go up to that farmhouse, citizen. It's a terrible sight. The farmer and his wife, slaughtered in the night. So many knife wounds..." If you later join the Dark Brotherhood and completed this quest, Cicero will briefly mention Loreius' fate if he killed him: "Now Loreius. Loreius has learned the meaning of ugly."


You may also see Loreius and his wife talking while inside their home or while working outside:

Curwe: "I had a look at that boneyard the other day, Vantus. The one to the Northwest."
Vantus: "I told you I don't like you going there. I've seen scavengers picking at the mammoths. They could be dangerous."
Curwe: "You know, I was thinking of expanding the herb garden. Make room for some new plants I'm planning."
Vantus: "That should be all right. How much space were you planning?"
Curwe: "Oh, half the field should do."
Vantus: "Half the field? What could need half the field?"
Curwe: "I just think pollinating would be easier if I could do a lot of plants at once."
Vantus: "Uh... why don't we talk about this later?"


  • Two unused lines of dialogue exist for Loreius in the Creation Kit. The first is a goodbye that was meant to be said when you agreed to Loreius' plan without ever saying that you won't condemn an innocent man and also never agreeing to help Cicero. It cannot be heard as you cannot enter conversation with Loreius at this quest stage. He would have said, "He he. That'll teach the little loony." The other unused line of dialogue was meant to be said after you told Loreius that you reported Cicero to the guard. However, other dialogue takes precedence. He would have said, "Ha! That'll teach the little jester to go bothering the decent, hardworking folk of Skyrim. Fool never should have come here."
  • Vantus Loreius will armor your horse if you have the Horse Armor - Elven or Horse Armor - Steel Creations installed.