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Skyrim:Torkild's Letter to Wulf

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Book Information
Torkild's Letter to Wulf
Added by Dragonborn
ID xx026562
Value 25 Weight 1
Related to Filial Bonds
Found in the following locations:
Torkild's Letter to Wulf

Dear Wulf,

I'm writing to you now as I already feel my mind going. I fear that soon I will not be able to write at all. I came to the wilderness to better know the All-Maker. But in the wilds I found a force greater than any we've known.

It is seductive, this power I've been granted. I know you would not approve, so I don't dare show my face to you. But know that I realized the greatest potential of my strength before the last.

I hope to one day meet you before the All-Maker, brother.

- Torkild