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The Thalmor's Embassy in Skyrim

The Thalmor is the combined government of the third Aldmeri Dominion and according to Ondolemar represents an alliance between Altmer and Bosmer regents. A militarist regime founded on beliefs of racial supremacy, the Thalmor seek to advance their power and influence across Tamriel with the specific intent of establishing the racial superiority of Mer over Man, "one century at a time".

By 4E 201, the Thalmor has established a significant presence in Skyrim's Haafingar hold, including an embassy in the mountains overlooking Solitude, a fort known as Northwatch Keep (used as a covert detainment center for their political prisoners), and an unused building within Solitude which was set aside for the Thalmor by the Empire. Thalmor Justiciars can also be found traveling the roads of Skyrim, sometimes with a Nord prisoner in tow, and engaging Stormcloaks in combat as part of a random encounter. While not immediately hostile to you, conversing with them will reveal their antagonistic nature and choosing certain dialogue options (particularly on the topic of Talos worship) can turn them hostile toward you. Thalmor death squads may also track you down in the wilds, proclaiming "Behold the future! Behold the Thalmor!" as they attack.


For more information, see the main lore article.

Prior to present-day Skyrim, the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire waged a devastating conflict known as the Great War. The Dominion sacked the Imperial City and held it under military occupation for two years before the Empire was able to mount a counter-attack and reclaim the city proper. With the Empire greatly weakened after these campaigns, a peace treaty known as the White-Gold Concordat was negotiated. The White-Gold Concordat outlawed Talos worship, disbanded the Blades, and forced the Empire to cede much of southern Hammerfell to the Aldmeri Dominion. The Thalmor thereafter set up various embassies across the Imperial provinces, such as the one in Skyrim, from which their Justiciars and other agents keep the local provincial governments under control and enforce the terms of the White-Gold Concordat.


Elenwen, the head of the Thalmor in Skyrim
Khajit for hire
Name Location Description
Ancano College of Winterhold Thalmor advisor to the Arch-Mage.
AncarionDB Northshore Landing Leader of the Thalmor on Solstheim.
Elenwen Thalmor Embassy First Emissary to Skyrim.
Estormo Labyrinthian Thalmor agent, second to Ancano.
Agent Lorcalin Shrine of Talos at White River Gorge Thalmor agent sent to kill Talos worshippers.
Northwatch Guard Northwatch Keep Guards the front gate from possible trespassers.
Northwatch Interrogator Northwatch Keep Justiciar in charge of interrogations at Northwatch Keep.
Ondolemar Understone Keep Commander of the Justiciars assigned to Markarth.
Rulindil Thalmor Embassy Third Emissary to Skyrim. In charge of interrogations.
Agent Sanyon Southwest of the Guardian Stones (map) Dead Thalmor agent near a Talos shrine.
Captain Valmir Forelhost An undercover Thalmor agent.

Hired MembersEdit

Name Location Description
Gissur Thalmor Embassy Undercover Thalmor agent sent to track you down.
J'datharr Outside Windhelm Stables Thalmor assassin sent to kill Malborn.
Shavari Riften Thalmor assassin sent to kill you.
Tsavani Thalmor Embassy Thalmor Embassy's cook.

Generic Thalmor MembersEdit

Name Class Location
Northwatch Archer Thalmor Archer Northwatch Keep
Northwatch Guard Thalmor Warrior Northwatch Keep
Northwatch Mage Thalmor Wizard Northwatch Keep
Thalmor Archer Thalmor Archer Skyrim
Thalmor Soldier Thalmor Warrior Skyrim
Thalmor Wizard Thalmor Wizard Skyrim

Thalmor come in three different types, with names based on their location. The type you encounter does not depend on your level, the only differences being in their armor, weapons, health, and magic. The boss in any encounters will always be a Wizard. Though the lore states that the Thalmor are a union between Altmer and Bosmer, all Thalmor NPCs seen in Skyrim are Altmer.


Justiciars are the official enforcers of the terms of the White-Gold Concordat, specifically enforcing the ban on the worship of Talos. They can be randomly encountered wandering the countryside accompanied by Thalmor Warriors. You have the option of talking to them and discussing various topics. Telling them that you worship Talos, support freedom of religious belief, or lingering too long near one will provoke them into attacking you. They can either be Warriors or Wizards, and will be equipped as such.

Thalmor ArchersEdit

Thalmor Archers use elven or glass bows and arrows and wear light elven or glass armor depending on your level. They carry a leveled dagger (steel, elven, or glass) and a random selection of gems, food, drink, and gold.

A male Thalmor archer preparing to fire
 BaseID     Spells
1   00072884
127 56 Bound Sword, Fast Healing, Highborn
12   00072aa8
249 72 Bound Sword, Fast Healing, Highborn
20   0007d963
371 88 Bound Sword, Fast Healing, Highborn
28   0007d968
493 104 Bound Sword, Fast Healing, Highborn
36   0007d96d
565 120 Bound Sword, Fast Healing, Highborn

Thalmor WarriorsEdit

Thalmor Warriors use leveled one-handed weapons, made of steel, elven, or glass, and wear leveled armor, made of either elven or glass, depending on your level. They can hold just a weapon, a weapon and shield, or dual-wield two weapons. They carry a leveled dagger (steel, elven, or glass) and a random selection of gems, food, drink, and gold.

A Thalmor soldier preparing to fight
 BaseID     Spells
1   00072883,000f960b
  0002b126, 000f960a
127 56 Fast Healing, Flames, Highborn
12   000f95f2, 0007297a, 000f960e
  000f95f1, 00072aa6, 000f960d
249 72 Fast Healing, Flames, Highborn
20   0007d961, 000f95f4, 000f9610
  0007d962, 000f95f3, 000f960f
371 88 Fast Healing, Flames, Highborn, Lesser Ward, Turn Lesser Undead
28   0007d967, 000f95f6, 000f9612
  0007d96e, 000f95f5, 000f9611
493 104 Bound Sword, Fast Healing, Flames, Highborn, Lesser Ward, Turn Lesser Undead
36   0007d96c, 000f95f8, 000f9614
  0007d96f, 000f95f7, 000f9613
565 120 Bound Sword, Close Wounds, Fast Healing, Flames, Highborn, Lesser Ward, Turn Lesser Undead

Thalmor WizardsEdit

Thalmor Wizards are the main spell-casters of the Thalmor armies, and are generally harder to kill, even though they only wear robes. They carry a leveled dagger (steel, elven, or glass) and a random selection of gems, soul gems, ingredients, potions, and gold.

A female Wizard preparing to attack
A male Wizard preparing to attack
 BaseID     Spells
1   00072885
127 118 Flames, Frostbite, Healing, Highborn, Lesser Ward, Oakflesh, Sparks
12   00072886
249 166 Conjure Flame Atronach, Fast Healing, Firebolt, Highborn, Lesser Ward, Lightning Bolt, Oakflesh
20   0007d95f
371 239 Banish Daedra, Chain Lightning, Conjure Frost Atronach, Fast Healing, Fireball, Highborn, Lightning Bolt, Oakflesh, Steadfast Ward
28   0007d965
493 312 Chain Lightning, Conjure Storm Atronach, Fast Healing, Highborn, Incinerate, Steadfast Ward, Stoneflesh, Thunderbolt, Turn Lesser Undead
36   0007d96a
565 385 Banish Daedra, Chain Lightning, Close Wounds, Conjure Storm Atronach, Expel Daedra, Fast Healing, Highborn, Incinerate, Steadfast Ward, Stoneflesh, Thunderbolt, Turn Undead
44   0007d971
637 458 Banish Daedra, Chain Lightning, Close Wounds, Conjure Storm Atronach, Expel Daedra, Fast Healing, Highborn, Incinerate, Ironflesh, Steadfast Ward, Thunderbolt, Turn Undead

Thalmor EquipmentEdit

Name (ID) Type Notes
Hooded Thalmor Robes
Clothing Worn by Wizards
Thalmor Boots
Clothing Worn by Wizards
Thalmor Gloves
Clothing Worn by Wizards
Thalmor Robes
Clothing Worn by Wizards

Leveled EquipmentEdit

All generic Thalmor have weapons that are leveled, and can be either steel, elven, or glass; the only exceptions are the archers' bows, as there are no steel bows. The archer and warrior classes wear leveled armor, either elven, gilded elven or glass; the only exceptions are the warrior's shields which are either elven or glass and are leveled separately.

Related QuestsEdit

Major quests revealing important lore about the Thalmor include:

Other Thalmor QuestsEdit

Quests and favors that merely involve the Thalmor or going into Thalmor controlled areas include:


(lore page)
Location Northshore Landing, Abandoned Lodge
Race High Elf Gender Male
Level Leveled (4-36) Class (?)
RefID N/A BaseID N/A
Other Information
Health 127-565
Magicka 56-120
Stamina 62-190
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Voice Type MaleElfHaughty
Respawns Yes
Faction(s) Thalmor
Thalmor Soldier

In the Dragonborn expansion, Thalmor Soldiers are Altmer who came with Ancarion in order to search for a source of stalhrim. They can be found at the Abandoned Lodge and Northshore Landing. These Thalmor Soldiers are dressed slightly differently than their allies in Skyrim. They have standard elven boots, gauntlets, helmets, and weapons, but they all wear leather armor.

Related QuestsEdit


  • They will respawn at the Abandoned Lodge, but will no longer be hostile.


When you first encounter Thalmor Justiciars you may have the following conversation:

Player: "Who are you?"
Justiciar: "I am a Thalmor Justiciar on important business that you are interfering with."

You then have two choices:

Player: "Who are the Thalmor?"
Justiciar: "We are special envoys of the Aldmeri Dominion, the rightful rulers of Tamriel. If you'd like I can show you why."
Player: "What are you doing in Skyrim?"
Justiciar: "We're making sure your Emperor wasn't lying to his elven masters when he agreed the Empire would give up false gods and foolish beliefs. Perhaps there's something you wish to confess?"

A third conversation option is available if you have discovered that Talos worship is illegal:

Player: "Do all Thalmor have such high opinions of themselves?"
Justiciar: "That we are superior to men is an established fact. For example, take this belief in Talos. The "ninth" Divine. Heh. Certainly you don't believe such things? Perhaps there's something you wish to confess?"

Subsequent encounters will also provide you with the following initial option:

Player: "What's wrong with worshipping Talos?"
Justiciar: "It's immoral to worship a man. And it's also illegal. A faithful Imperial citizen would know that. Perhaps there's something you wish to confess?"

You then have three choices, the first two of which will and the third may result in combat:

Player: "You got me. I believe in Talos."
Justiciar: "And so, you will die a heretic's death." (attacks)
Player: "I can worship anyone I want."
Justiciar: "Incorrect. You can worship whatever gods you like. But Talos is a man, and only a heretic would think otherwise... And so, you will die a heretic's death." (attacks)
Player: (Remain silent)
Justiciar: "I don't like you... I think you're a heretic."

Thalmor Justiciars may warn you away with one of the following lines. These may be said outside of conversation and at the end of most conversation lines:

"You're interfering with official Thalmor business."
"This doesn't concern you, "citizen.""
"And now you'll walk away, if you know what's good for you."
"If you're smart, you'll walk away."
"Perhaps there's something you wish to confess?"
"Now, go away."
"Now, get of my way."
"Walk away. Now."
"Move along."

When leaving conversation with them they have a number of possible remarks (three for everyone and nine race-dependent):

"Go now. Return to your pathetic pursuits."
"Be warned. You have been marked by the Thalmor."
"Now remove yourself from my presence, while you still draw breath."
"You are a disgrace to the Altmer. I should kill you on general principle."[Altmer]
"Go. Your very presence sickens me." [Altmer]
"Back to the swamp with you, Argonian. Lest I carve you into boots." [Argonians]
"Pathetic excuse for an elf..." [Bosmer]
"Flee from my sight, Dunmer, or I'll have you shipped back to Vvardenfell in a crate." [Dunmer]
"Slink away now, little Khajiit, with your tail between your legs." [Khajiit]
"Filthy Nord. In time, your entire race will be eradicated." [Nords]
"The Justiciars know your face. And we elves have long memories..." [Nords]
"Crawl back into whatever pit spawned you, Orc." [Orcs]


  • Elenwen is present at the execution in Helgen when Alduin attacks during the first main quest, Unbound.
  • According to dialogue from Delphine and Legate Fasendil, the Thalmor have carried out secret acts of assassination on some segments of their own Bosmer and Altmer populations, which are never heard about elsewhere in Tamriel. The reasons for this are unclear, but Fasendil's comments suggest this is related to the quelling of dissident uprisings or the purging of dissenters.

Related LoreEdit

The following is a list of lore that reveals various aspects of the Thalmor's culture and history: