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Skyrim:Lynly Star-Sung

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Lynly Star-Sung
(RefID: 00019E03)
Home Town Ivarstead
Store Vilemyr Inn
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 6 Class Farmer
RefID 00019E03 BaseID 000136BC
Gold 100
Sells See Vilemyr Inn
Buys Innkeeper (Food, Raw Food)
Other Information
Health 91 Magicka 67
Stamina 67
Primary Skills Smithing, Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type FemaleNord
Faction(s) CrimeFactionRift; Prevents filling aliases in WITavern; Server; ServicesIvarsteadVilemyrInn; TownIvarsteadFaction; Vilemyr Inn Faction
Lynly Star-Sung performing at Vilemyr Inn

Lynly Star-Sung is a Nord working at the Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead, both as bard and as serving girl. She will take requests for five septims. Her real name is Svidi, and she was bethrothed to Sibbi Black-Briar of the powerful Black-Briar family in Riften. However, Sibbi had an affair with Svana Far-Shield during this time, and Svidi had a falling out when she discovered the affair. After confiding in her brother Wulfur, he confronted Sibbi about the infidelity. Sibbi killed her unarmed brother, causing her to go into hiding.

Lynly works at the inn around the clock, only ever deviating to go to bed at midnight, where she will sleep for a short five hours before resuming her work schedule.

She wears a set of barkeep clothes along with a pair of shoes. She carries a belted tunic, a lute, and a selection of common loot and gold. She wields a leveled dagger, which can be up to Elven in quality.

Related QuestsEdit


Her greetings:

"Anything I can help you with? A drink or a room perhaps?"
"If you fancy a bit of music, let me know."
"Pardon me, milord/milady. Would you care to hear me play my lute?"

If spoken to:

Anything you can tell me about High Hrothgar?
"I've always fancied a journey up the 7,000 Steps to the monastery. Anything to break the boredom of living in this town. I envy you."
What do you play?
"I play the lute. If you'd like to hear something, it only costs five gold."
Sounds reasonable. (5 Gold)
"Thank you, milord/milady."
Merely five gold? I'd easily pay twice that to hear you play. (Persuade)
"That's so sweet of you. I'll tell you what... I'll play a special song, just for you, for no charge at all." / "Why thank, you... you're very kind. Still interested?"
Perhaps another time.
"Very well."

If spoken to again after asking her to play:

I'd like to hear another song. (5 Gold)
"Right away, milord/milady."

Upon exiting conversation:

"A pleasant journey, milord/milady."


Klimmek: "I thought you played wonderfully last night."
Lynly: "Thank you Klimmek. That's too kind."
Klimmek: "Perhaps when you're finished here this evening, we could..."
Lynly: "You're sweet. I'm just not ready for that sort of thing right now. I'm sorry."

Wilhelm: "I think you should continue with your performances."
Lynly: "What's the point? I'm not very good, and it's only for the same few people every night."
Wilhelm: "I think you play beautifully. It would be a shame if you stopped."
Lynly: "All right, Wilhlem [sic]. I suppose it's the least I can do for you."

Lynly: "I think I saw it again. That... ghost. It was over by the barrows."
Wilhelm: "That thing's evil, Lynly! I told you to keep away from there!"
Lynly: "I'm sorry. I was curious... I didn't believe the stories. I won't go over there ever again."
Wilhelm: "See that you don't. I promised to keep you safe and I'm not going to break my word."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Your real name is Svidi, isn't it?
"No, I'm sorry. You must have me mistaken for someone else. I've never even heard that name before."
You have nothing to fear from me. (Persuade)
"I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." (Failed)
Stop lying or I'll beat it out of you! (Intimidate)
"I've been hurt worse before." (Failed)
Never mind. My mistake.
"I should say so. I'd be careful in the future before you confront someone without all of the facts!"

If you are successful in intimidating or persuading her she will say:

"Please, I beg you, don't tell Sibbi where I am. He'll kill me! Sibbi's been spreading lies about me, you must hear me out."
Tell me your side of the story about Sibbi.
"Sibbi and I were to be married. We were supposed to be happy together forever. Then I found that wretched poetry from Svana. When I confronted Sibbi about it, he threatened to kill me. I was scared so I told my brother Wulfur. He went to talk to Sibbi for me and... and... Sibbi killed him. My brother wasn't even armed! When I heard what Sibbi did, I fled. Now you've found me, and you're going to tell him where I am."


In Riften, Brand-Shei and Svana can be observed talking about what transpired between Svidi and Sibbi:

Brand-Shei: "Svana, I heard that Sibbi was put in jail. What happened?"
Svana: "They say... well, they say he murdered someone. Something to do with Svidi."
Brand-Shei: "Come to think of it, I haven't seen Svidi in a while. Wait... he didn't..."
Svana: "No, it was Svidi's brother, Wulfur. She's in hiding now. Somewhere far from here I'd suspect."
Brand-Shei: "If he wasn't a Black-Briar, I'd march right over to the jail and teach Sibbi some manners... but then I suppose I'd end up like Wulfur."


  • Lynly's special song is from Arena. It is the background music that plays while in taverns.
  • She is marked as a confidant of Bersi Honey-Hand internally, despite the two never mentioning each other and there being no sign they have any ties.
    • Her boss, Wilhelm, does however have ties with Bersi, as can be observed by a note titled An Apology, which can be found on the counter in the Pawned Prawn.
  • Lynly Star-Sung appears in the card Star-Sung Bard from the Legends Return to Clockwork City story expansion card set. She is depicted with short black hair, and not as she appears in Skyrim.
  • Although Sibbi Black-Briar describes her as having "long flowing black hair", she has short blonde hair.
    •   The Unofficial Skyrim Patch, version 1.2.3, addresses this issue. Her appearance now matches the one from Legends.


  • The scene between Lynly and Wilhelm where she mentions seeing the ghost near Shroud Hearth Barrow can be observed even after the quest Lifting the Shroud has been completed.
  • The game incorrectly runs the speechcraft check against herself rather than the player, making it impossible to pass without the Amulet of Articulation.
  • Intimidating Lynly into revealing her true identity doesn't lower her disposition towards you.