Skyrim: Creatures: Animals
Stump (RefID: 0001E62B)
Species Dog Soul Petty
Level 2 Type Animals
RefID 0001E62B BaseID 0001E62A
Other Information
Health 21 Magicka 0
Stamina 24
Primary Skills Sneak
Stump in front of the steps of The Sleeping Giant Inn

Stump is a dog that belongs to Frodnar and lives in Riverwood. He follows Frodnar around during the day and spends the night outside.

Attacking or killing Stump will result in a bounty in Whiterun Hold and will cause the residents of Riverwood to turn hostile.


  • If Frodnar is orphaned and you adopt him, Stump will continue to follow Frodnar, causing him to travel from Riverwood to your house and back every day.