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Shrines in the Temple of the Divines

Skyrim is dotted with shrines dedicated to the Divines (including Talos). They are often accompanied by a large statue, although the shrines themselves are obelisks or sculptures small enough to fit on tabletops. They can be activated to receive a blessing, which will cure all diseases and grant a blessing from the specific deity while removing any existing blessing. They are found in the temples within various cities, inside some dungeons, and in unmarked locations throughout the wilderness. Daedric Shrines are listed separately.

There is a shrine to each of the Aedra in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude (except a shrine of Talos, which later becomes available if Solitude is taken by Stormcloak forces).

Shrine of Akatosh Shrine of Arkay Shrine of Auriel Shrine of Dibella Shrine of Julianos

Twilight Valley
Steamcrag Hillock
Fort Sungard Shrine
Skyborn Altar

Wayward Pass
Windhelm Hills
Falkreath Hall of the Dead
Markarth Hall of the Dead
Riften Hall of the Dead
Solitude Hall of the Dead
Whiterun Hall of the Dead
Windhelm Hall of the Dead
Druadach Redoubt

Darkfall Cave
Inner Sanctum

Bridge at Old Hroldan
Temple of Dibella
Broken Tower Redoubt
Watching Dawnstar
Lucky Lorenz's Shack
Haelga's Bunkhouse

Fellglow Keep
Julianos's Fallen
Fort Amol

Shrine of Kynareth Shrine of Mara Shrine of Stendarr Shrine of Talos Shrine of Zenithar

Temple of Kynareth
Fort Sungard
Hjaalmarch Hills
Wreck Of The Brinehammer
Crystaldrift Cave
Wilderness Shrine

Nightcaller Temple
Temple of Mara
Karan and Talvur's Campsite
Border Corner Shrine

The Two Pillars
Fort Greenwall
Stendarr's Beacon
Hall of the Vigilant

Windhelm Temple of Talos
Sea of Ghosts
Winterhold Glaciers
Ilas-Tei's Last Stand
Watcher of Windhelm
Weynon Stones
Markarth Shrine of Talos
Fellglow Keep
White River Valley
Cradlecrush Pond
Froki's Peak
Ilinalta Foothills
Fort Sungard

Four Skull Lookout
Crumbling Bastion
Ring of Boulders
Solstheim Shrine

Shrine of AkatoshEdit

A Shrine of Akatosh grants:

Blessing of Akatosh: Magicka regenerates 10% faster



Located atop the hill directly north of Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead.



Twilight ValleyEdit

The shrine is placed inside of a tower atop a hill northeast of Twilight Sepulcher in Falkreath Hold.



Steamcrag HillockEdit

This shrine is on a hill northeast of the Atronach Stone and south and slightly east of Steamcrag Camp. The shrine is located in a middle of stone pillars, with several bones and entire skeletons across the area. Gold and corundum ore veins are nearby.



Fort Sungard ShrineEdit

Located within the Fort Sungard Shrine at Fort Sungard, southeast of Rorikstead. Only present if the fort is occupied by the Legion. By default, it is a Shrine of Kynareth, and is a Shrine of Talos if occupied by Stormcloaks.

Skyborn AltarEdit

This shrine is next to the Word Wall at Skyborn Altar if Dragon Rising has not yet been started. A Wispmother defends this location. The shrine shares its altar with a skeleton and embalming tools.



Shrine of ArkayEdit

A Shrine of Arkay grants:

Blessing of Arkay: Increases your health by 25 points.


Wayward PassEdit

Found at the resting place of an ancient traveler in Wayward Pass, alongside several graves.



Windhelm HillsEdit

Found northeast of Windhelm, south of Snow Veil Sanctum. Disappears if the Empire gains control of Winterhold as the Winterhold Stormcloak Camp replaces it.



Falkreath Hall of the DeadEdit

The Falkreath Hall of the Dead has a total of three Shrines of Arkay, appropriate for Falkreath's focus on the grave. Two are placed in front of the Hall of the Dead, and the final one is inside the Hall. None of the shrines have any offerings.

Markarth Hall of the DeadEdit

This shrine is located inside of a small rest area inside of the catacombs of the Markarth Hall of the Dead. It has no offerings placed next to the shrine.

Riften Hall of the DeadEdit

The Riften Arkay shrine is placed in the Hall of the Dead, beneath the Temple of Mara. The shrine itself is placed next to the body preparation area.


Solitude Hall of the DeadEdit

The Solitude Hall of the Dead keeps its shrine on its first level on a shelf. An Iron Warhammer is stored on the shelf beneath the shrine.

Whiterun Hall of the DeadEdit

The Whiterun Hall of the Dead keeps its shrine in a well-decorated room, with both sides leading to the shrine flanked by pews.


Windhelm Hall of the DeadEdit

Windhelm's Hall of the Dead keeps a Shrine of Arkay in the heart of its crypt. A bowl, candlestick, and goblet have been placed next to the shrine.

Druadach RedoubtEdit

Druadach Redoubt has a shrine to Arkay on a ledge by the ramps, halfway along the northeastern wall. There are two lit candles slightly in front and either side of the shrine.

Shrine of AurielEdit

A Shrine of AurielDG provides:

Blessing of Auriel: You are 10% more effective with missile weapons.

Darkfall CaveEdit

This well-hidden shrine is located within Darkfall Cave, at Knight-Paladin Gelebor's camp, and right before traversing to Darkfall Passage.

Inner SanctumEdit

Found in the Inner Sanctum, a holy site for the Auriel faithful. It is surrounded by Frozen Falmer.


Shrine of DibellaEdit

Using a Shrine of Dibella grants:

Blessing of Dibella: +10 Speechcraft.


Bridge at Old HroldanEdit

This shrine is found in the wilderness south of Old Hroldan Inn, across the White River, and directly adjacent to the bridge. This large shrine may have a Hunter resting at it.



Temple of DibellaEdit

The Temple of Dibella in Markarth keeps a shrine inside the public portion of the Temple. Although the entire Temple is dedicated to Dibella and filled with possible offerings, there are no offerings placed near the actual shrine itself.

Broken Tower RedoubtEdit

This shrine is found in the top section of the interior of Broken Tower Redoubt. The Forsworn have covered the shrine in bones and blood. It is unclear if this was intended as an act of desecration or worship.



A Shrine of Dibella can be found in the tower of Morvunskar, in a room next to Naris the Wicked that is also being used for sleeping. Two bottles of Alto Wine and a leveled potion have been placed near the shrine, although it is not clear if any of the occupants of Morvunskar are dedicated worshippers.

Watching DawnstarEdit

This Shrine of Dibella is found south of Dawnstar, on a stone platform with a statue depicting the Goddess constructed on top of a cliff east of the road.



Lucky Lorenz's ShackEdit

This shrine is located within the wreckage of Lucky Lorenz's shack, across the river from the Abandoned Prison. Specifically, it is in the far corner from where the shack was destroyed by a falling tree. It is unclear if any of the remaining objects in the house were intended as an offering.


Haelga's BunkhouseEdit

Found in the master bedroom of Haelga's Bunkhouse, Riften. Haelga considers herself to be a fervent worshipper of Dibella, and practices the Dibellan Arts. Numerous items in her room are related to her method of worshipping Dibella, including copies of The Lusty Argonian Maid, v1 and v2, a red apple, Nord Mead, Falmer Blood Elixir, honey, lavender, leather strips red, blue and purple mountain flower, a horker tusk, two Potions of Minor Stamina, a Potion of Enhanced Stamina, and a Potion of Vigor.

Shrine of JulianosEdit

Using a Shrine of Julianos grants:

Blessing of Julianos: Increases your Magicka by 25 points.


Fellglow KeepEdit

The Fellglow Keep Shrine of Julianos is located a little southwest of the Fellglow Keep Ritual Chamber, on a dresser with candles. There are no offerings placed next to the shrine.

Julianos's FallenEdit

This shrine is north of Shearpoint, after going down some cliffs. It is also southeast of Tumble Arch Pass. The shrine has been left on the ground, next to a skeleton that appears to have been transporting it to a different location. As the shrine was seemingly lost in transit, there are no offerings at this location.



This shrine is located in Harmugstahl, in Kornalus' room. It has been placed on a dresser with a lantern.

Fort AmolEdit

This shrine is found in the courtyard of Fort Amol. It will disappear along with the elemental mage occupants should the fort be taken over by either side in the Civil War.



Shrine of KynarethEdit

Activating a Shrine of Kynareth will grant:

Blessing of Kynareth: Increases your stamina by 25 points.


Temple of KynarethEdit

The Temple of Kynareth in the city of Whiterun unsurprisingly also has a shrine dedicated to the Goddess. The shrine has been placed on a simple table, with most of the interior of the temple being dedicated to emergency medical services due to the war.

Fort SungardEdit

You can find a shrine in the Fort Sungard Shrine area, which is in the middle of the southern portion of the fort. The shrine will originally be dedicated to Kynareth while the Forsworn occupy the fort. This shrine will be changed to one dedicated to Akatosh if the Imperials control it, and Talos if the Stormcloaks do.

Hjaalmarch HillsEdit

Southwest of Morthal, east of the river, between the city and Crabber's Shanty. It is just a few steps northeast of Brood Cavern. Notably, this is the only Shrine of Kynareth that is actually located outside in Skyrim.



Wreck Of The BrinehammerEdit

This shrine is found inside the Wreck Of The Brinehammer, located midway between the cities Dawnstar and Solitude. The shrine is lying on the floor near bookshelves. It is unclear if any of the nearby objects were intended as offerings to the shrine, due to the wreckage.

Crystaldrift CaveEdit

This shrine is found in Crystaldrift Cave, in the northwest corner of the main chamber. Wolves populate the cave, and will attack intruders trying to visit the shrine if they are seen.


Wilderness ShrineEdit

On SolstheimDB, on a hill north of the Earth Stone. It is on the other side of the cliff behind Severin Manor. An Albino Spider Pod can be found near the shrine, and Ash Yams grow next to it.



Shrine of MaraEdit

A Shrine of Mara will grant the following when used:

Blessing of Mara: Healing spells restore 10% more. [1]


Nightcaller TempleEdit

A shrine can be found in Nightcaller Temple, on a table along the wall to the left as you enter. A copy of Trials of St. Alessia is on same table as the shrine.

Temple of MaraEdit

The Temple of Mara in Riften keeps a Shrine of Mara in the central altar of the temple, near a statue of the Goddess. This is also the location where marriages are performed. The priests directly collect donations, so no offerings have been left at the shrine itself.

Karan and Talvur's CampsiteEdit

This shrine can eventually be found northwest of Old Hroldan and south of Soljund's Sinkhole. It is originally a site of a tragedy, the death of Karan and Talvur as they were eloping. Some time after discovering the site, it will be replaced with a shrine.


Border Corner ShrineEdit

This shrine is placed to mark the rough tri-border between Hjaalmarch, The Pale and Whiterun Hold. It is at the foot of the mountain range containing the Skyborn Altar dragon lair, and to the south and slightly to the east of the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Volunruud is physically the closest other landmark to it, and can be found northwest from that ruin. The shrine itself is a large and raised stone platform. Snowberries are present at the shrine.


Shrine of StendarrEdit

A Shrine of Stendarr will grant you the following when used:

Blessing of Stendarr: Block 10% more damage with your shield.


The Two PillarsEdit

This location can be found near the center of Whiterun Hold's tundra, south of Swindler's Den and northeast of Broken Fang Cave. Close to and within sight of the Shrine of Zenithar to the west. This site consists of a slightly raised stone platform, with the shrine in the center of two free-standing pillars and sconces on a stone altar. A strong box sits next to the shrine.



Fort GreenwallEdit

A Shrine of Stendarr can be found in the Captain's Quarter of Fort Greenwall on a dresser flanked by shelves storing alcohol, mugs, lanterns, and a few books. Besides the lit candles on the dresser, several mugs and lanterns have also been stored on the top of the dresser.

Stendarr's BeaconEdit

Stendarr's Beacon is an active sight of worship held by the Vigil of Stendarr. The Vigil maintain spartan quarters within the tower, and keep their Shrine of Stendarr in a sleeping area. The shrine is placed upon a stone altar with lit candles and sconces flanking it.

Hall of the VigilantEdit

This shrine is found inside the Hall of the Vigilant, appropriate for an organization that venerates this God. The shrine has been place on the center of a long table covered in candles to illuminate it. A Letter to Keeper Carcette has been left here. This shrine will disappear after the quest "Dawnguard" is started, as the Hall will be destroyed.


Shrine of TalosEdit

Activating a Shrine of Talos will grant:

Blessing of Talos: Time between shouts is reduced 20%.


Windhelm Temple of TalosEdit

The Temple of Talos in Windhelm keeps its own Shrine of Talos, in front of multiple pews for religious services. The active priests of this temple leave no offerings at the shrine itself.

Sea of GhostsEdit

On the island directly west of Winterhold and north of Saarthal. It is slightly southwest of Ysgramor's Tomb. Skeletal remains are present here, along with a satchel. A Steel Battleaxe and a copy of The Importance of Where is here.


Winterhold GlaciersEdit

In a glacial valley north of Alftand and west of Saarthal. It is also southeast of The Tower Stone. A stone platform with a statue and shrine dedicated to Talos is here, being consumed by the ice.



Ilas-Tei's Last StandEdit

On an island northwest of Winterhold and just northeast of Ysgramor's Tomb. This shrine is on an elevated stone platform also being used for hunting purposes, and recently by the unfortunate Ilas-Tei. A copy of Breathing Water can be found on a barrel next to cage here, and a Scroll of Calm can be found close by.


Watcher of WindhelmEdit

Windhelm, south-southwest of the city, west of Windhelm Stables on a high rock outcropping. It can easily be seen from the road to Windhelm, and has a good view of the city itself. A copy of The Talos Mistake has been left here by parties unknown.




A Shrine of Talos can be found in Riften, behind Black-Briar Manor. Nura Snow-Shod tends to the shrine as a priestess. Numerous plants grow around the shrine, including Dragon's Tongue, Blue Mountain Flower, Red Mountain Flower. White Cap can also be found here. This shrine will disappear if Riften is captured by the Empire.

Weynon StonesEdit

There is an altar at the Weynon Stones with a Shrine of Talos with a statue of the God. A broken battleaxe has been left at the shrine.




A Shrine of Talos with a priest can be found in Whiterun, next to the Gildergreen tree. Heimskr can be found preaching for fifteen hours of the day. If "Battle for Whiterun" is completed, he will preach non-stop.

Markarth Shrine of TalosEdit

The Markarth Shrine of Talos still has a shrine to pray at, even though the temple has been closed. Candles are still lit around the statue and shrine at the center altar.

Fellglow KeepEdit

The Shrine of Talos at Fellglow Keep is found among rubble and a broken altar in front of a ruined statue of Talos. Although abandoned by its faithful, this shrine will still work if you pray at it.

White River ValleyEdit

This shrine is east of Whiterun, a short distance southeast of Shimmermist Cave, in a shallow alcove under a rock outcropping. Also see Elisif's Tribute. A satchel has been left at the altar, along with embalming tools and a plate.



Cradlecrush PondEdit

You can find this shrine by heading southwest of Windhelm, on a straight line between Cradlecrush Rock and Mara's Eye Pond, at the shores of a small pond, northwest of Mixwater Mill. A statue of Talos right next to it is visible from Windhelm's entry bridge.



Froki's PeakEdit

A Shrine of Talos can be found southwest of Froki's Shack. It can be reached by following a path from Froki's Shack up the mountain. A satchel has been left at the base of a statue also present with the shrine.



Ilinalta FoothillsEdit

This shrine is located northeast of Pinewatch, east of Lakeview Manor, and southwest of the Guardian Stones. A Thalmor Justiciar attacked the shrine, and can be found dead among the worshippers he slew. An iron sword is found next to the shrine, but it may have been used in the defense of the worshippers, and was not placed as an offering.



Fort SungardEdit

Fort Sungard Shrine at Fort Sungard, southeast of Rorikstead. Only present if the fort is occupied by the Stormcloaks.

Shrine of ZenitharEdit

A Shrine of Zenithar grants:

Blessing of Zenithar: Prices are 10% better.


Four Skull LookoutEdit

A Shrine of Zenithar can be found immediately west and just very slightly north of Four Skull Lookout on a promontory overlooking the river valley. It is easily within sight of the western column of Four Skull Lookout.



Crumbling BastionEdit

Within ruins in the wilderness between Fort Greymoor and Rorikstead, immediately east of Gjukar's Monument. Close to and within sight of the Shrine of Stendarr to the east. The shrine is sheltered by the stone structure surrounding it, and can be found on a stone altar with candles. A satchel has also been placed on the altar with the shrine.



Ring of BouldersEdit

This shrine is west of Swindler's Den set against a large rock. There are other rocks of varying size around the area in a loose circle.




A Shrine of Zenithar is northeast of Riften Stables. Take the road north from the stables then turn east immediately after the guard towers. Look up the hillside for the ruins of an Imperial Fort Tower. A satchel has been left at the altar



Solstheim ShrineEdit

A Shrine of Zenithar can also be found in SolstheimDB. It is located northeast of Frostmoon Crag, reached from Fahlbtharz. Numerous geodes veins surround the shrine, alongside a pickaxe. An East Empire Company Stronbox is also found here.



Furnishing OptionsHFEdit

With the Hearthfire add-on installed, you can build each of these shrines in the cellar of your house. Note that the shrine to Auriel from the Dawnguard expansion is not available as an option.

Akatosh Arkay Dibella Julianos Kynareth Mara Stendarr Talos Zenithar
Amulet of Akatosh Amulet of Arkay Amulet of Dibella Amulet of Julianos Amulet of Kynareth Amulet of Mara Amulet of Stendarr Amulet of Talos Amulet of Zenithar
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 2 Ebony Ingots 2 Refined Moonstone 2 Refined Malachite Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Ingot
Corundum Ingot Orichalcum Ingot Orichalcum Ingot Quicksilver Ingot Dragon Bone 2 Gold Ingots
Flawless Amethyst Silver Ingot Quicksilver Ingot Flawless Sapphire Silver Ingot 2 Silver Ingots Dragon Scales


  • The description of the Blessing of Mara is misleading; the actual effect is that Restoration spells cost 10% less magicka to cast.
  • When Creation Club's Survival Mode is active, shrines outside of the player's home will cost gold to remove diseases.

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