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Skyrim:Shor's Watchtower

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Imperial Tower:
Shor's Watchtower
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Clearable No
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 6
Dead Riften Guards or Imperial Soldiers
Console Location Code(s)
The Rift
Just north of Shor's Stone down the road.
Shor's Watchtower

Shor's Watchtower is a small tower that overlooks Shor's Stone in the Eastmarch-the Rift pass, due north of Riften.

Shor's Watchtower is just north of Shor's Stone along the main road. Depending on who currently controls the Rift, the watchtower contains either the corpses of Riften guards or Imperial soldiers - the dead guards belong to the faction currently in control (which starts out as Stormcloaks). The view to the north from the top of the tower enables you to see clear to Windhelm and the north shore of Skyrim beyond.

Shor's WatchtowerEdit

Outside the entrance to the watchtower is a campfire with the bodies of two guards nearby. Through the doorway into the tower is a small room with wooden supports at regular intervals and against the east wall are the start of several flights of stairs that spiral up to the top of the tower. Against the west wall, immediately on your left as you enter are four weapon racks holding a selection of predominately iron weapons. Farther to the right is a long wooden table holding a couple of pieces of cheese, two bottles of wine, a bottle of alto wine and a letter (of which there is both an Imperial and a Stormcloak version) promising reinforcements and warning of an impending attack. There are no signs of either the reinforcements or the attacking forces. Opposite, on the ground, under the stairs is a healing potion along with several crates and sacks containing foodstuffs. As you climb the stairs you will pass a barrel with a quiver of iron arrows on top and see several patches of blood splattered against the walls and stairs, while at the top are the bodies of two more unfortunate guards, a novice locked chest containing minor loot along with more sacks of food. All of the guards have all their belongings still on them and can be looted.


  • At times, the letter cannot be activated.
    • When the letter cannot be activated, sometimes looking at the ground below the table still makes it possible to interact.