Skyrim:Sellonus's Journal Vol. 3

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Sellonus's Journal Vol. 3
by Sellonus
A mage's plan to ensnare a dangerous man in a trap

22nd of Morning Star, 4E 131

What was done cannot be undone! We did what we set out to do and our commission was fulfilled, but at such a horrid cost for all of us.

Together we endeavored to lay a trap here, with the aid of the inhabitant smugglers, and ensnare him. Knowing something of his past, we brought with us the remains of his dear departed wife, hoping that this alone would lure him into our grasp. Our plan worked, but something went horribly wrong!

Perhaps it was a mishap of our magic or the deeper magic of the weapon he wielded, I know not which with any certainty. All I know is that for some reason, our enchantment caused his being to divide, and we suddenly found ourselves caught in a battle with three where there had once been one!

But with great effort we managed to separate and contain these divisions within the chambers of this vault. But this was a small victory, if any at all, for I have yet to determine the true cost of it. I know not how many of my guild survived the deed, for I cannot break the seals to these doors without undoing all that we have achieved. All I can do is await their return and pray.

There is at least some comfort in knowing that our foe can no longer wield his blade, for he and the magical shield are one. He is bound to it. He is now both its prisoner and its guardian!

23rd of Morning Star, 4E 131

Alas, our casualties were to high. For although we have trapped him here in this vault, it is now clear to me that only I and one other may live to tell this tale. However, there is no time to grieve the loss of our guild, for we must seal this place shut and report to the council at once. They must be informed of what has happened here.

My colleague is severely wounded, but hopefully he has strength yet to assist me, for we must not fail!