Skyrim:Sellonus's Journal Vol. 2

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Sellonus's Journal Vol. 2
by Sellonus
A mage's plan to ensnare a dangerous man in a trap

1st of Evenings Star, 4E 130

We have secured a location that will serve us well; an old partially abandoned smugglers' hideout in Riften. One of the council members, Sychelle Gatharian, had done prior business with the inhabitants, and pointed us in their direction.

It was a prudent choice, as these small band of unsavory entrepreneurs seem more than happy to assists us with our venture, for they have a love of gold above all else. With this much aid, building our trap should be accomplished reasonably quickly. Once this is done, we will bring her remains to us and draw our spider out!

18th of Morning Star, 4E 131

It is done. Now all we can do is wait.

When he arrives we will incapacitate him with our magic and separate him from his blade. We will then channel his life force and mana into our constructed device, which will use his own energy to shield the weapon from him. In essence he will become bound to it, for whilst he lives, the shield will hold. Hopefully this plan will work and we can avoid bloodshed, for given what we know of him, we do not wish his death.

Perhaps, there is even hope that, without his blade, we can rehabilitate him, for despite his crime, I do pity the poor soul.