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Skyrim:Ring of Bloodlust

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Unique Item: Ring of Bloodlust (xx0275b6)
(lore page)
Type Ring
Added by Dragonborn
Editor ID DLC2dunFrostmoonRingBloodlust
Weight Weight 0.25 Value Value 1500
While in Beast Form, your attacks do 50% more damage, but you also take 50% more damage.
Ring of Bloodlust

The Ring of Bloodlust is a ring that can be bought from Majni in Frostmoon Crag if you are a werewolf. Its appearance is identical to a silver ring, and also has the same weight. Its enchantment allows you to deal 50% more damage at the cost of taking 50% more damage in werewolf form. Multiple copies of these rings can be bought once Majni's merchant chest resets.


  • While the ring applies the effect Frostmoon Bloodlust to display the enchantment text, the actual effect is applied by a perk also called Frostmoon Bloodlust and is added separately upon transformation.
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