Skyrim: Prisoner's Cuffs

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Unique Item: Prisoner's Cuffs (0010e039, 00103941, 0010e2d8)
Type Gloves
Editor ID PrisonerCuffsPlayer
Weight Weight 0 Value Value 0

Prisoner's Cuffs are restraints used to bind a person's hand. They have the appearance of a common pair of gloves in the inventory, although they appear to look like a pair of cuffs while worn.

A pair is initially worn by you during the first parts of the quest Unbound, with the bonds being cut after you enter into Helgen Keep, destroying the cuffs in the process. Another pair is worn by Roggvir, the guard who allowed Ulfric Stormcloak to escape from Solitude, during Roggvir's execution. After Roggvir dies, the cuffs cannot be retrieved from his body.

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  • Only the first set of cuffs (0010e039) can be equipped.