Skyrim:Predator's Grace

Skyrim: Items: Unique Items
Unique Item: Predator's Grace (000a4dcd)
Type Light Boots
Editor ID dunDeepwoodBoots
Rating Rating 5
Rating Rating 5 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 1 Value Value 117
Tempering Iron Ingot
Tempering Iron Ingot Perk
Wearer is muffled and moves silently:
Predator's Grace

Predator's Grace is a pair of hide boots that are found next to a chest, above a waterfall, to the right of the Hag's End top level. These unique boots fully muffle the sound of movement the wearer makes, while also increasing the rate of stamina regeneration by one percent. Predator's Grace can be tempered with an iron ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.


  • The stamina regeneration effect of Predator's Grace's enchantment has a non-standard magnitude.