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A wolf pack member

Pack Members are ghostly wolf and werewolf allies that can be summoned with the Totem of Brotherhood howl if you are a werewolf. Two wolves are summoned by default with this howl. If the Dawnguard add-on is installed, the Totem of Ice Brothers perk will summon the ice wolf version instead, and the Totem of the Moon perk will summon the werewolf version.

A werewolf pack member
Name (ID) Level Gender Health Magicka Sta. Spells
Pack Member
1 Male 27 0 200
Pack MemberDG
(Ice Wolf)
6 Male 137 0 255 Ice Wolf abilities (Resist Frost, 50 pts; Fortify Unarmed Damage, 15 pts)
Pack MemberDG [1]
12 Male 210 0 185 Werewolf Claws (Fortify Unarmed Damage, 10 pts)
^1The werewolf pack members are based on the generic Werewolf Brute that can be encountered in the wild.