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Learn about Nordic jewelry.
Quest Giver: Automatically added after purchasing the Nordic Jewelry Creation
Location(s): Riften, Raven Rock
Reward: Ability to craft Nordic jewelry
ID: ccEDHSSE001_CraftsmanEncounterQuest
Added by: Nordic Jewelry
Two reavers have killed a master artisan

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Purchase a piece of Nordic jewelry in Riften and read the Certificate of Authenticity.
  2. Travel to Solstheim and locate Hugin Ice-Shaper west of Raven Rock.
  3. Read Hugin Ice-Shaper's Notebook and craft an item of Nordic jewelry to complete the quest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Make a PurchaseEdit

This quest will be added to your journal upon installing the Nordic Jewelry Creation. You will be directed to Riften to purchase an item of Nordic jewelry. You can purchase some from the Pawned Prawn or from Madesi's stall in Riften Grand Plaza. You have the option to purchase a Nordic Amulet, Nordic Circlet, or Nordic Ring in order to progress the quest. Note that they are all relatively pricey given that they're pieces of jewelry. Once you've purchased your desired item, a Certificate of Authenticity will be added to your inventory. Read it to learn that the creator of the jewelry is a craftsman named Hugin Ice-Shaper who can be found on Solstheim.

Stalhrim LapidaryEdit

Travel to Solstheim and you will be directed to a spot west of Raven Rock, in the ash wastes just north of the Earth Stone. There you will find two hostile reavers (a melee fighter and an archer) standing over the body of Hugin. Dispense with them both and loot the melee reaver for three powerful enchanted items: a leveled Nordic Amulet of Health, a leveled Nordic Circlet of Magicka, and a leveled Nordic Ring of Stamina. You can then locate and read Hugin Ice-Shaper's Notebook to learn how to craft Nordic jewelry.

To complete the quest, you will need to craft a piece of Nordic jewelry yourself. Be sure to grab the required components from the satchel next to the body: three samples of stalhrim and three quicksilver ingots. Head back into town and find a forge in order to craft the jewelry of your choice and finish the quest.


  • Even though the quest points you to Riften for purchasing the jewelry, all general goods and jewelry merchants will have it available for sale. Purchasing from any of them will work as well.

Quest StagesEdit

Nordic Jewelry (ccEDHSSE001_CraftsmanEncounterQuest)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
0 I've heard traders are selling unique jewelry from Solstheim. I should see what they have to offer.
Objective 0: Purchase a piece of Nordic Jewelry
Objective 10: Read the Certificate of Authenticity
20 This jewelry is made exclusively by a man named Hugin Ice-Shaper in Solstheim with rare stalhrim ore. Perhaps the craftsman has more items for sale. I should visit him in Raven Rock.
Objective 15: Travel to Solstheim
Objective 20: Find the craftsman in Raven Rock
30 I have located the craftsman, but a pair of bandits seem to have found him first. I should search the area before anything of value is lost.
30 I stumbled on a bandit attack near Raven Rock. I should search the area before anything of value is lost.
Objective 40: Inspect the area
Objective 50: Read Hugin Ice-Shaper's Notebook
50 Hugin Ice-Shaper met an untimely fate. I recovered his belongings before they could be looted by reavers. With what is left of his notes, perhaps I can continue his work.
Objective 60: Craft a piece of Nordic Jewelry at a forge
100 ☑Finishes quest Using Hugin Ice-Shaper's notes, I learned to forge my own pieces of Nordic Jewelry.
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 25, 255.