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Track down the Daedric artifact Nerveshatter.
Quest Giver: Bandit's Note on Hidden Treasure
Location(s): Svarig's camp (unmarked), Crystaldrift Cave
Reward: Nerveshatter
ID: ccBGSSSE025_MiscQuest_Nerveshatter
Added by: Saints & Seducers
A fusion of amber and madness ore is needed to find this hammer

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find more information on the bandits' mysterious leader.
  2. Investigate Crystaldrift Cave.
  3. Place amber and madness ore on the embers near Gadnor's body.
  4. Retrieve Nerveshatter.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

After reading Svarig's journal during the quest Balance of Power, you are given a miscellaneous quest to learn more about the gang's mysterious benefactor. Following the quest marker directs you to a camp east of Svarig's camp. Under one of the tents you'll find a knapsack containing the Bandit's Note on Hidden Treasure, which points you to Crystaldrift Cave.

Upon entering the cave, you'll find the body of Gadnor on a stone bier, along with a small campsite. Next to the campsite is a makeshift altar to Kynareth, some minor loot, and the journal Gadnor's Last Wishes. The journal explains that, according to his wishes, a friend of Gadnor placed him here and placed an illusion over his beloved warhammer Nerveshatter. In order to reveal the hammer, one must place 1x amber and 1x madness ore on the fire near Gadnor's bier.

Doing so will reveal Nerveshatter and you can claim your prize. When you do so, Seducer bandits will show up and attack you.


  • Both amber and madness ore materials are rare, but you are guaranteed to find both if you did the quest Restoring Order. Within Solitude Sewers lies many hollowed tree stumps with a high chance to contain amber. On Thoron's desk lies a piece of madness ore.