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Skyrim:Necromancer's Journal (Plague of the Dead)

Skyrim: Items: Books
Book Information
Added by Plague of the Dead
ID FExxx884
Value 5 Weight 1
Needed for The Rising Dead
Found in the following locations:
Necromancer's Journal
A journal documenting the summoning of zombie hordes to Skyrim

3rd of Sun's Height, 4E 201
An apprentice of mine recently discovered an ancient tome in a forgotten cavern during a gathering expedition. This tome is like nothing I've seen in a very long time. I believe it's a conjuration spell of some sort, but I can't be certain.

I'll need to spend some time deciphering this. It could be quite valuable to us.

18th of Sun's Height, 4E 201
I've spent the last several weeks working tirelessly to decipher this ancient tome. It's just as I suspected; It is indeed a conjuration spell. However, the creature summoned is especially vicious. An undead zombie of wonderfully putrid potency that appears to be much more active in the late night hours.

I'm not stopping now. I plan to create an even more powerful version of this spell. As Molag Bal as my witness I shall have a zombie horde at my command before long.

15th of Last Seed, 4E 201
Nothing could have prepared me for the power I am about to wield. The whole of my training has been for this moment. Soon, my apprentices and I shall perform a ritual the likes of which has not been seen in centuries, and bring forth an undead army, powerful and willing to do my bidding. Its power will radiate across Skyrim, bringing forth waves of undead from the darkness.

The time is at hand!