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Skyrim:Many Thanks

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Many Thanks
ID 000F689B
Value 0 Weight 0
Related to The Pursuit
Found in the following locations:
Many Thanks
by "R"
A dubious thank you to Mercer Frey for stealing an item

Not certain how you managed to get your hands on that item we discussed, but I'm more than pleased. I thought you'd simply wait until it was being transported from Castle Dour to its final destination, but according to what I've heard, it vanished right from their armory. I wish I knew how you were able to slip by the guards, bypass the portcullis, unlock the armory door and break into that dwarven puzzle-locked chest... you need to teach me that little trick some time. I've left your cut in the usual drop spot and might have another job for you soon.


  • It is very likely that Mercer's method of unlocking the armory door and dwarven puzzle-locked chest was by using the Skeleton Key that he stole from Nocturnal.
  • It is possible that R stands for Reves, a Nord warior who was supposed to make an appearance in the Thieves Guild quest The Pursuit, but cut from the final game.
  • It is possible that the item mentioned in the note is Chillrend as it is where the note was found nearby and the mentioned item was stolen from an armory.
  • Based on the existence of this note and an unused quest-related NPC in The Pursuit, it is possible that Chillrend was originally meant to be wielded by Reves, a Nord warrior who commissioned Mercer to steal an item from the imperial armory. However this idea was scrapped as the developers decided not to have any enemy who spawns with Paralyze-enchanted weapon in the game (see NPCs where you can see every enemy types and possible enchantment on their carried weapons), hence the reason why Chillrend was still in the display case even though the note stated that "R" already received and paid for it.