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Skyrim:Logrolf the Willful

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Logrolf the Willful
(RefID: 000198F3)
Location Random Forsworn camp
Race Elder Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=6-12) Class Priest
RefID 000198F3 BaseID 000133A6
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1)×8.3
Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×6.7
Primary Skills Restoration, Speech, Alchemy, Conjuration, Smithing
Morality Violence Against Enemies Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleOldGrumpy
Faction(s) Do not clean up body / move items to crypt, even if script says to do so; MarkarthAbandonedHouseFaction; Thieves Guild No Pickpocketing Faction
Logrolf the Willful
"I want the priest who did this to bend his knee and give me his soul."

Logrolf the Willful is an elderly priest of Boethiah who has deliberately performed Boethiah sacraments at the altar of Boethiah's archenemy and the Daedric Prince of Domination, Molag Bal.

Logrolf wears hooded black mage robes and a pair of boots.

Logrolf maintained an altar to Molag Bal at the deepest bowels of his seemingly abandoned house. Each time he performed the sacrament of Boethiah at this altar, Molag Bal resisted, but to no avail. The squabble between the two, however, alerted the Vigil of Stendarr. During the quest The House of Horrors, you and Vigilant Tyranus enter Logrolf's seemingly abandoned house with the intent to kill the Daedra worshipper.

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The House of HorrorsEdit

After being sent by the Daedric Prince Molag Bal to seek out Logrolf, you will encounter him at the end of a randomly-chosen Forsworn dungeon. When you meet, Logrolf will be tied up and unable to move. Despite his predicament, he is arrogant and mocking:

"You there. Are you here to kill me? Slay the mighty Logrolf while he sits tied and helpless?"
You'll stay that way for now.
"Coward. You're nothing. Nothing!"
I'm here to rescue you.
"Rescue? No one knew where I was, when I was taken. Who sent you?"

You will have several options now. Note that you need a Speech skill of 50 to successfully persuade him:

Option Dialogue
Boethiah has sent me.
Passed: "The Dark Mistress? She sent you? Wait. Molag Bal's altar. Of course. I have to get to Markarth at once. Cut me loose."
Failed: "The Dark Mistress? Sent you? Ha. Now tell me the one about the Troll who gives gifts to good little boys and girls."
Does it matter? Here.
Passed: "Fine. I won't ask questions. Cut me loose."
Failed: "You think it's money I need? I'm a prisoner, not a beggar."
Molag Bal.
Passed: "So. The King of Corruption sends his messenger to challenge me. Very well. I will meet with Molag Bal, and I will venerate his altar in Boethiah's name, as I did before. Cut me loose, minion of the Hated One. I need to get to Markarth."
Failed: "You? A servant of the King of Corruption? Has the beast's standards fallen so far? Tell me another one."
Never mind. Stay here. "I have a choice?"

Once you have his trust, you will be presented with yet another two options; either you tell him to wait to which he responds:

Wait here a moment.
"That's all I can do, you idiot. What are you waiting for?"

If you instead untie him, he will not exactly show gratitude:

Here. Let me untie these binds.
"Ah, freedom. Now get out of my way. I have a task to attend to."

Without hesitation, Logrolf will then set off at a running pace and travel (see notes) all the way to Markarth, where he will enter the Abandoned House right away. When you return to Markarth, Logrolf will be waiting for you inside the house, eager to cleanse Molag Bal's shrine once again. He will rush into the basement and face the shrine, saying:

"Do your worst, monster!"
Logrolf the Willful: "Molag Bal. You think you can best Boethiah's faithful? I have won this contest before!"
Molag Bal: "Ah. But I have my own champion this time, Logrolf."
Logrolf the Willful: "What? You!"
Molag Bal: "Mortal. I give you my mace, in all its rusted spitefulness. Crush the spirit from Logrolf's bones. Make him bend to me."

Logrolf will then kneel down and it is up to you to beat him into submission, using the rusty mace. As you beat away on the kneeling Logrolf, he will randomly say one of several outbursts:

"I won't bend. Never!"
"Do your worst, monster!"
"I'll never submit!"

When Logrolf dies, Molag Bal will then laugh and revive Logrolf, and you will be forced to keep beating him. Logrolf himself is getting exhausted, saying:

"I... won't... surrender!"
"Call... that... a... swing?"
"You.... You'll pay for this...."

As his health decreases, he will start to beg:

"No.... Not again!"
"Don't kill me.... I don't want to die!"
"No more.... No more!"

When his health is gone, he will finally be broken:

Logrolf: "No more.... No more.... I submit, Molag Bal. I submit!"
Molag Bal: "You bend to me?"
Logrolf: "Yes!"
Molag Bal: "You pledge your soul to me?"
Logrolf: "Yes!"
Molag Bal: "You forsake the weak and pitiful Boethiah?"
Logrolf: "Yes!"
Molag Bal: "You're mine now, Logrolf. Kill him."

The last order is aimed at you, and there will be no choice but to kill the helpless Logrolf, and in return receive the Mace of Molag Bal. When you thank the Daedric Prince for the gift, he will hint at a hard afterlife for Logrolf.


  • Azzada Lylvieve mentions that a man named "Logrolf the Bent" saved him from the streets of Markarth. It is possible that this is Logrolf the Willful, especially since he mentions in conversations that Logrolf is still alive and living on the street because he believes his house is haunted, which accords with the fact that in the Creation Kit, Logrolf can be found sharing a room with Degaine in The Warrens. Moreover, the models for the exterior of the Abandoned House are identified as Logrolf's House.
  • Logrolf's method of reaching Markarth depends on the location in which he spawns. If it is inside a dungeon, he will teleport right after leaving the cell; if it is an exterior location, he will run all the way to Markarth.