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Skyrim:Jon Battle-Born

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Jon Battle-Born
(RefID: 0001A68A)
Home City Whiterun
House House of Clan Battle-Born
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 4 Class Citizen
RefID 0001A68A BaseID 00013BB1
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 60
Stamina 60
Primary Skills Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleNord
Faction(s) CrimeFactionWhiterun; TownWhiterunFaction; Whiterun House Battle-Born Faction
Jon Battle-Born outside of Belethor's store

Jon Battle-Born is a Nord citizen living in Whiterun. He is a member of Clan Battle-Born, rivals of Clan Gray-Mane. He can usually be found outside Belethor's General Goods in the Plains District, and at The Bannered Mare at night.

Jon is clad in a set of iron armor, including matching pairs of gauntlets and boots. He is equipped with an iron sword, and carries a key to his family's house, as well as a selection of common items and gold. He also has a letter from Olfina.

An aspiring bard, Jon desires to enter the Bards College, but his parents are hesitant to let him go. He takes pride in bardic traditions and as such, he thinks poorly of his fellow bard Mikael, who is more concerned with gold and wooing women than singing well. Jon is also generally more easygoing than most Nords in Skyrim, and values drink and revelry above all else. He can frequently be heard complaining that everyone in Skyrim is "obsessed with death." Jon is more laid-back about his family's feud with the Gray-Manes than the other members of his family, and disapproves of both the feud and the ongoing civil war. It turns out that he is secretly in a relationship with Olfina Gray-Mane, and wishes to escape from the chaotic feud with her. He carries a letter from her containing evidence of this relationship, which can be used to blackmail him into revealing the location of a political prisoner.

Related QuestsEdit


Upon your first time conversing with him, Jon will begin with either

"Well met, kinsman. What brings you to Whiterun?" (If you are a male Nord)
"Well met, traveler. What brings you to Whiterun?"

You can reply in three ways:

I seek my fortune.
"Ah, so it's gold you're after, then? You need only ask about. Plenty o' folk in Whiterun with too much fat and gold to be bothered doing anything for themselves."
I'm here to help, in any way I can.
"Truly? Ha! By Shor, this city could use more like you. Best head up to Dragonsreach, then, and see the Jarl. He's lord of Whiterun, and can set you on the path."
Just passing through.
"A pity. And words I hear too often. But there's no shame in it. One of them dragons comes callin' in Whiterun, the place'll go up like tinder."

His normal greetings:

"Well met, kinsman."
"Well met, traveler."
"You know what's wrong with Skyrim these days? Everyone is obsessed with death."
"People have forgotten humor, poetry and romance. I love a good sword fight as much as the next man, but there's more to life."
"It's my desire to enter the Bards College. My parents are hesitant, but I pray they let me attend."
"All I want it is to escape from this madness. And if Olfina can come with me, all the better. But I've probably said too much."


You live here?
"Aye, that I do. Have all my life. We Battle-Borns have been here since the beginning. Along with the Gray-Manes. Our families been close as kin for generations. But Ulfric Stormcloak's uprising has divided us. Now seems we can scarce look at each other without comin' to blows. Petty and foolish, that. They're sayin' dragons have returned to Skyrim. Now that there, that's a real problem."
Any place I can find work?
"Ain't sure if they're takin' on new members, but you should talk to the Companions. They're over in their hall, Jorrvaskr. If by 'work' you mean 'testing your steel in bloody battle.'"
Where can I get a drink?
"Ha! The most important question of all, that one. You'll want the Bannered Mare. See old Hulda, she'll keep you swimmin' in mead. But mind he [sic] bard, Mikael. Poncy little milk drinker, that one." (Both Hulda and Mikael are alive)
"You'll want the Bannered Mare. See old Hulda, she'll keep you swimmin' in mead." (Hulda alive, Mikael dead)
"You'll want the Bannered Mare. See Olfina, she'll keep you swimmin' in mead." (Hulda dead)

If he mentions Mikael, you can ask him why he doesn't like Mikael:

You don't like Mikael?
"Man gives bards a bad name. We Nords have a long history as warrior poets. I am proud to count myself among them. But Mikael... He sings only for gold and the affections of wenches. He dishonors our traditions."

Upon ending conversation:

"May your sword be sharp, and your tongue sharper."
"Keep a song in your heart, and a blade in your boot."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Missing In ActionEdit

During this quest, if you try to talk to Jon about Thorald, he will initially be dismissive of your question:

What do you know about Thorald Gray-Mane?
"Oh come on, leave it alone. He's gone. There's no use in talking about it anymore. I wish everyone could just get past that and get on with their lives."

However, you may wish to go further and interrogate him to reveal the location of Thorald Gray-Mane. Pickpocket Olfina's letter to him and show him the letter. He will be shocked:

I found your letter to Olfina.
"You what? Oh no. No, no, no. This can't be happening. Please, you can't tell anyone. It must remain a secret! I'll do whatever you want."
I want to know about Thorald Gray-Mane.
"What makes you think I know anything? Everyone knows he's dead and gone!"
Shall we see what your father thinks of this letter?
"Okay, okay! All I know is that Idolaf made some effort to find out what happened to him, but was told to stop asking questions. He got some letter from the Legion and has left it alone since then. I'll prove it to you, all right? I'll get you the letter. Just... meet me at the statue of Talos, and don't tell anyone about this."

Later you can approach Jon at the statue of Talos in the Wind District. He'll give you the Imperial missive, saying:

"Here's the letter. Now leave me out of this."


Jon and Olfina may rendezvous at the Bannered Mare to talk with each other:

Jon: "So I'm, uh... writing a song for you..."
Olfina: "Why Jon Battle-Born. You're writing me a song? Does it somehow involve blood, or beheadings, or the honor of my forebears?"
Jon: "Well, that's where I started. But it turned into something of a ballad."
Olfina: "A ballad? Oh, now I know you're joking with me."
Jon: "It's all true, I swear it. You can hear it when it's done. I'll just need a year or two smooth [sic] the rough edges."
Olfina: "Ha! I thought as much."

Olfina: "So have you spoken to that man from the Bards College?"
Jon: "No, not yet. But I will. I just haven't... gotten around to it yet."
Olfina: "Oh Jon, stop dallying. You know you have to go. It's why Mara put you on this earth. You think a few miles can truly keep us apart?"
Jon: "You mean you won't forget about me the moment I'm out of sight? Get yourself a nice old rich husband, have sixteen babies?"
Olfina: "Tsk. You've uncovered my master plan. Now I suppose you'll never leave."
Jon: "Harlot."

Jon: "I want to see you when you're done working."
Olfina: "I can't. Not tonight. I need to go home. I swear, my father is starting to suspect something." OR "I can't. Not tonight. I need to go home. I swear, my family is starting to suspect something." (if Eorlund Gray-Mane is dead)
Jon: "That's your imagination running wild. Nobody knows how we feel about each other."
Olfina: "Don't talk about my father like that, Jon. And the answer's still no. But tomorrow. Definitely." OR "Don't say that out loud. Not here. And the answer's still no. But tomorrow. Definitely." (if Eorlund is dead)

Jon: "Sing you a special song tonight, beautiful lass?"
Olfina: "Not now, I'm working."
Jon: "Bah. You're always working. Why else would I spend so much time here?"
Olfina: "Mikael is quite the songbird. Maybe he's the reason you're here all the time." OR "Perhaps it's because there's no better way to face the cold Skyrim nights than with a belly full of ale?"
Jon: "Aye, the bard's got talent, I'll give him that. You just make sure his music is the only thing you're admiring." OR "Oh, there's a better way. A buxom barmaid between the sheets will keeps me plenty warm. Better yet, she won't make my head ring the morning after."
Olfina: "Oh Jon, darling. You know you're the only stone-biting, knuckle-dragging Nord for me."
Jon: "Ha! That's my girl."


  • A letter from him exists in game data, but cannot be obtained in normal gameplay. You could have used this letter to blackmail Jon.