Skyrim:Cicero's Hat

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Unique Item: Cicero's Hat (0006492e, 000cee72)
Type Hood
Editor ID DBClothesJesterHatCicero
Weight Weight 0.5 Value Value 2168/1806 (Jester)
Sneaking is 35/30% (Jester) better:
Cicero's Hat

Cicero's Hat is the headwear worn by its eponymous owner, Cicero. This hat is a part of a set that also include Cicero's boots, clothing, and gloves. As Cicero sees himself as a clown, his clothing's outward appearance reflect this. His hat is primarily a jaunty shade of red, with black stripes and a black base. The hat has some tears throughout it, as well as heavy stitching, both likely earned during Cicero's travels across Tamriel. The most notable physical feature of this hat are the two drooping points that run from the front of the hat to behind the back end of it. In contrast to its obvious appearance, this festive cap has been enchanted to fortify sneak ability by thirty points, making it harder for the wearer to be detected despite the hat's physical characteristics.

Cicero's Hat can be obtained during The Cure for Madness. If Cicero is slain during this quest, his equipment set can be freely retrieved from his corpse. Another version of this item, the more generic Jester's Hat, can easily be acquired during the same quest. While entering the Dawnstar Sanctuary, the full set of Jester's equipment can be found upon a table right after entering the sanctuary. However, the enchantment on the Jester's Hat only fortifies sneak by thirty points, instead of 35. Additionally, Cicero's Hat is worth several hundred more gold than the Jester's Hat.

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