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Skyrim:J'datharr's Note

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Book Information
J'datharr's Note
ID 0005437D
Value 0 Weight 0
Related to Find the Thalmor Assassin
Found in the following locations:
J'datharr's Note
Mark information for a Thalmor Assassin

Description of target:

Bosmer male, goes by Malborn. Believed to be working for the Blades, so approach with caution.

He has inside knowledge of our procedures, so he will be warier than usual. Malborn is not his real name - he's now been identified as a survivor of a family of traitors who were all believed to have died in a fire in Falinesti.

Do not risk him evading us. He's likely trying to leave Skyrim. Make sure of your kill, and do not implicate us.