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Skyrim:Heart Stone Deposit

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Heart Stone Deposit

There are 28 Heart Stone Deposits that can be found in Solstheim. When mined you will get three Heart Stones from each deposit. Note that like other ores, Heart Stone Deposits can be re-mined after the passage of some time, but they may fail to regain their characteristic black and red texture and appear to be plain stone. Place the cursor over them and the message will indicate if re-mining is possible.

Location Deposits Details
White Ridge Barrow 2 In a small mine to the left of the entrance to White Ridge Sanctum
Broken Tusk Mine 2 Downstairs
Tel Mithryn 1 Exterior, behind the kitchen
Ashfallow Citadel 2 Exterior
Solstheim 2 Southeast of Tel Mithryn, near the coast
Highpoint Tower 1 Exterior
Brodir Grove 3 Near the boss chest
Strident Squall 1 Next to the ship's boarding ramp
Hrodulf's House 2 Exterior
Solstheim 1 West-northwest of Tel Mithryn, southwest of Revus Sarvani
Solstheim 2 At a fumarole northeast of Fort Frostmoth and southeast of Highpoint Tower
Coldcinder Cave 3 Near the treasure chest
Fort Frostmoth 2 In the spider den on the middle level
Solstheim 2 West-southwest of Tel Mithryn, on the coast
Kolbjorn Barrow 1 Exterior
Solstheim 1 West of Old Attius Farm, on a small island with a flag on top of it