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Skyrim:Have Need of Cynric (Sabjorn)

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Book Information
Have Need of Cynric
ID 000F6933
Value 0 Weight 0
Related to Dampened Spirits
Found in the following locations:
Have Need of Cynric

Note: The title of this note is most likely an error, copied from another note.


This is my third and final offer. I feel that I've been more than generous with the amounts I've stated to buy your meadery. There's no reason for competition to stifle both of our businesses. Unified, we could make Black-Briar Mead a household name and bury anyone else who tries to start a similar business in Skyrim. If you wish to accept my offer, please come to Riften and stay at my manor as a guest. I think you'll find that being a part of the Black-Briar family would be both lucrative and life-saving.