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Skyrim:Have Need of Cynric (Mercer)

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Book Information
Have Need of Cynric
ID 000F6931
Value 0 Weight 0
Faction Thieves Guild
Found in the following locations:
Have Need of Cynric
A request for use of the Thieves Guild retired "Jailbreaker."

Note: Another note has the same title as this one, most likely by mistake, as it has nothing to do with Cynric.


I'd consider it a personal favor if I could once again utilize Cynric's unique skills for a delicate situation in the Cidha Mines [sic]. A close friend has been incarcerated in that horrible place, and I should like him freed as soon as possible. I'd recommend Cynric avoid the Forsworn element that's prevalent within the mine and stick to as simple an escape plan as possible.