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Skyrim:Forsworn Equipment

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Forsworn ArmorEdit

Name (ID) Type Tempering       Notes
  Forsworn Armor
Light Armor Leather;
perk: none
6 100 26
Forsworn Armor
Clothing N/A 1 2 5
  • (0005d009) is worn by Briarhearts. It is only equippable through the console. It has the body of a male Briarheart even when worn by a female.
  • (0007eaf1) is the burnt body of Astrid. It is only equippable through the console. When worn by a male only your head is visible.
  Forsworn Boots
Light Boots Leather;
perk: none
2 20 7
  • The female version goes above the knees, while the male version does not. The male version also has exposed toes on one of the boots.
  Forsworn Gauntlets
Light Gauntlets Leather;
perk: none
2 20 7
  • The female version is fingerless gauntlets that go above the elbow, while the male version is bracers.
  Forsworn Headdress
Light Helmet Leather;
perk: none
2 50 12
Totals: 12 190 52


Forsworn WeaponsEdit

Name (ID) Tempering       Notes
  Forsworn Arrow
0 1 7
  Forsworn Axe
Steel Ingot;
perk: Steel
15 90 11
  Forsworn Bow
Steel Ingot;
perk: Steel
11 145 12
  • Draw speed 0.875
  Forsworn Staff
N/A 8 205 0 A gout of fire that does 8 points per second. Targets on fire take extra damage:
  • Flames, 8 pts for 1 sec
  • Charge/Cost=Uses: 500/14=35 seconds
  • Disenchant: No
  Forsworn Sword
Steel Ingot;
perk: Steel
13 70 10



  • The female version of the Forsworn headgear will not display properly on beastfolk (Argonians and Khajiit). Instead of the knotted vines, feathers and whorls of rope, what is instead shown is suspended feathers in space and a few of the vines, all hovering just over your character's scalp. ?