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Skyrim:Few and Far Between

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Help Ingun restock Elgrim's rare ingredients.
Quest Giver: Ingun Black-Briar
Location(s): Riften - Elgrim's Elixirs
Reward: Leveled Gold,
Ingun's Supply Chest Key
Disposition: =1 (Ingun Black-Briar)
ID: FreeformRiften04
Suggested Level: 10
Difficulty: Easy
Ingun practicing

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Ingun Black-Briar.
  2. Gather 20 Deathbells, 20 Nirnroot and 20 Nightshade.
  3. Return them to Ingun.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Black SheepEdit

Ingun Black-Briar has fallen far from the Black-Briar tree. Instead of learning the family business with her brother, Sibbi, she can be found devising alchemical recipes in Elgrim's Elixirs. The quality of her experiments seem to indicate a dark nature in this well-to-do girl, as she will allude to when speaking to her. Indeed, the ingredients she has depleted from Elgrim's stores are used to make some very powerful poisons.

Helping OutEdit

Whether you speak to Ingun in Elgrim's Elixirs or find her walking through Riften, rouse her from her musings and ask her if she is an alchemist. She will reply: "I'm aspiring to earn that title, yes. However, the road ahead is paved with loose cobbles and deadly pitfalls. Master Elgrim says I'm a natural; that I have a unique talent. But I fear his approval masks his intolerance for my mistakes. My errant formulas have cost Master Elgrim a fortune in ingredients; some of which are almost irreplaceable."

You are a helpful sort, so ask: "What sort of ingredients do you need?" Ingun will tell you: "To restore Master Elgrim's supply I would need 20 deathbell, 20 nightshade and 20 nirnroot. Am I sensing that you may be interested in gathering these rare ingredients for me?" Answer in the affirmative. Ingun will be pleased: "That means more time for my experiments and less time in the field. Much appreciated."

Notable Harvest LocationsEdit

Ingun needs you to hunt down 20 Deathbells, 20 Nirnroot, and 20 Nightshade.

Deathbell Grows in the salt marshes of Hjaalmarch and Haafingar, including a number of specimens in both Morthal and Solitude. Planted specimens can be found in the Honeyside and Alchemist's Shack gardens, as well as Shalidor's Maze in Labyrinthian. They also grow near each city's Hall of the Dead or graveyard. Finally, you can cultivate this plant, if you have a garden or farm.
Nirnroot Grows near water anywhere. You can collect 9 samples from Sarethi Farm, which is close to Riften. See the Nirnroot distribution map to find the closest samples.
Nightshade Grows in places of death. Check the cemeteries at Riften, Falkreath, and Solitude. Also check Hamvir's Rest and outside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary west of Falkreath. Finally, you can cultivate this plant, if you have a garden or farm.


Ingun will reward you with leveled amount of gold (listed in the table below) for each set of ingredients brought to her.

Levels Reward
1–9 250
10–19 400
20–29 500
30–39 600
40+ 750

After you have delivered and been paid for all three samples, it will behoove you to see what else you can procure from her. Hint to her: "That was the last of the ingredients." To which she will reply: "Yes, Master Elgrim will be pleased I've restored his stock of these rare ingredients. I feel I owe a bit more than some meaningless coin for all your diligence. Here, this key unlocks my supply chest at Elgrim's Elixirs. Feel free to take what you need from time to time. I'll be refilling it once every few days or so." The chest is found in the back of Elgrim's Elixirs, and she will restock it with 2 - 5 random leveled potions every few days.


  • It is possible to give the items to Ingun Black-Briar then quickly exit out of the conversation and enter the item menu then drop the items. The quest log will show "Find 20 <item name> for Ingun Black-Briar (0/20)". However as soon as Ingun is told "That was the last of the ingredients" the quest will update accordingly.

Quest StagesEdit

Few and Far Between (FreeformRiften04)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Find 20 nirnroot for Ingun Black-Briar (<Global=FFR04NirnCount>/20)
Objective 20: Find 20 nightshade for Ingun Black-Briar (<Global=FFR04NightshadeCount>/20)
Objective 30: Find 20 deathbell for Ingun Black-Briar (<Global=FFR04DeathbellCount>/20)
(As you acquire 20 of each ingredient)
Objective 15: Bring the nirnroot to Ingun Black-Briar
Objective 25: Bring the nightshade to Ingun Black-Briar
Objective 35: Bring the deathbell to Ingun Black-Briar
Objective 40: Speak to Ingun Black-Briar
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