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(RefID: 00038288)
Location South of Greenspring Hollow (Whiterun Hold)
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 1 Class Warrior
RefID 00038288 BaseID 00038287
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Race Details Ghost
Class Details CombatWarrior1H
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type MaleUniqueGhost
Fenrig's spectral presence
"We're together now. And we will be forever."

Fenrig is the ghost of a Nord warrior who was killed just before the battle at Greenspring Hollow, now commemorated by Gjukar's Monument. He was married to Ruki, who has been searching for him near the monument for an eternity. During the quest The Book of Love, they will finally be reunited.

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The Book of LoveEdit

When you locate Fenrig, and explain that his wife is searching for him:

Your wife is looking for you.
"Ruki? Where is she?"
West, in the plains over the mountain.
"We're expected to fight there tomorrow. Gjukar elected to camp here for the night. I don't like it, though."
Why don't you like camping here?
"Our fires are visible for miles. We're in a low valley. Sitting ducks."
Let me take you to Ruki.
"If she's come this far from home, it must be important. Lead on. I just need to report back to camp by sunrise."

When the two dead lovers are finally reunited, a brief conversation will take place:

Ruki: "Fenrig! You're alive!"
Fenrig: "Of course I am. What brings you here?"
Ruki: "I had heard that Gjukar's men were wiped out. I came to find you."
Fenrig: "But that battle isn't expected until tomorrow... Ruki, what's going on?"
Ruki: "I'm so confused. What's happening?"
Fenrig: "It doesn't matter. I'm here. We're together now. And we will be forever."

Together they float up into the sky to spend eternity with one another among the stars.