Skyrim:Execution Hood

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Unique Item: Execution Hood (0005a9e3)
Type Heavy Helmet
Editor ID ExecutionHoodDB
Weight Weight 0.5 Value Value 5
Execution Hood
The white, unused Execution Hood

An Execution Hood is a face-obscuring hood that can be found on Alea Quintus, Fultheim the Fearless, and Vasha. The Execution Hood conceals the entirety of the face behind its black threads, to hide the identity of the person beneath it, or those judging the wearer. While it looks like it would obstruct eyesight if worn, putting it on will not block your vision.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Despite its appearance, this item has the "ArmorHeavy", "ArmorHelmet", and "ArmorMaterialDwarven" keywords attached to it.
  • A white version of this hood (0005a9df) also exists, although it cannot be found under normal circumstances and is also marked as unplayable.
  • When this item is removed from a dead body, the body's eyes will eerily remain open for a short time after it is removed before they quickly close.