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Skyrim:Enchanted Ring

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Unique Item: Enchanted Ring (0002584c)
Type Ring
Editor ID MG02Ring01
Weight Weight 0.25 Value Value 207
Increases your health by 20 points.
Enchanted Ring

The Enchanted Ring is a ring found in Saarthal, near where Arniel Gane is engrossed in his research. In appearance, this ring identical to a gold ring. Its enchantment increases your health by 20 points.

When you enter the ruins during Under Saarthal, Tolfdir will assign you to help Arniel Gane search for artifacts. When you reach Gane, he will say "Ah, yes. You. I remember you. You're going to help? That's fine. Just... Just don't make a mess of my work. I've only looked through a portion of this section. You, uh, you can look around in the chambers just north of here. Try and be careful, all right? We don't want to damage anything." This will add quest markers for three copies of this ring, as well as the Saarthal Amulet. However, picking up the rings isn't required to advance the quest. Gane will take any rings you have from you if you return to him, but will give you no reward, so you may wish to hang on to them.


  • The three copies of this ring are the only static placements of a Fortify Health enchanted item (that can also be disenchanted) in the game world.
  • If you are doing the quest Under Saarthal but do not have it selected as an active quest (which will provide quest markers over each ring), the tiny rings will be impossible to see in the dark, and only slightly visible on the floor if you have a light source with you (such as Candlelight).

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