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Skyrim:Elvali Veren

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Elvali Veren
(RefID: 000BBDC0)
Location Labyrinthian
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 1 Class Sorcerer
RefID 000BBDC0 BaseID 000B878B
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Stamina 50
Race Details Ghost
Class Details CombatSorcerer
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type FemaleYoungEager
Faction(s) Faction that is friends with all Creatures
Elvali Veren as a ghost

Elvali Veren is a Dark Elf sorceress and a former college mage, who is encountered as a ghost multiple times within Labyrinthian, as impressions of past conversations with the Arch-Mage during The Staff of Magnus quest. She was part of an expedition into Labyrinthian along with her fellow students Savos Aren, Atmah, Takes-In-Light, Hafnar Ice-Fist and Girduin. She was the second to die, after Girduin, grabbed from behind as Hafnar explains.

Elvali wears a set of blue mage robes with a pair of boots and carries a single red apple.

Related QuestsEdit

The Staff of MagnusEdit

Elvali first appears with her companions at the entrance to Labyrinthian, but does not speak. In the next chamber, you will see the mages again, preparing themselves.

"I can't believe we're doing this."
Elvali: "I can't believe we're doing this."
Savos: "Can you imagine the looks on their faces when we come back?"
Hafnar: "You keep talking like you're sure we'll find something useful in here."
Girduin: "Given the history of this place, it's more than likely there's still some amount of power here."
Savos: "Enchanted weapons, tomes of ancient knowledge, Shalidor's secrets themselves -- who knows what we could find!"
Takes-In-Light: "And what if... What if there are things guarding this place?"
Atmah: "Against six College-trained mages? I think we'll be fine."

However, after their encounter with the skeletal dragon, Elvali becomes panicked by the loss of Girduin and wants to go back for him, but is dissuaded by her companions.

Elvali: "We... we have to go back. We can't leave Girduin..."
Hafnar: "We barely made it out alive, and you want to go back in?"
Atmah: "It's too late. There isn't enough of him left to go back in after."
Takes-In-Light: "Gods, what have we done?"
Savos: "We can't go back. Might as well go forward. We can still do this."
Atmah: "Savos is right. We can make it if we just stay alert."

When you encounter the ghosts again near the end of the Labyrinthian Thoroughfare, Elvali will not longer be with them, with the others making her grim fate clear.

Takes-In-Light: "Just another minute, please."
Savos Aren: "Come on, we can't stop now. We have to keep moving!"
Atmah: "Where's Elvali? She was right behind me."
Hafnar Ice-Fist: "Dead. Something grabbed her from behind. Gone before I could do anything."
Takes-In-Light: "This is insanity. We never should've come here."
Atmah: "You're right. This is all my fault. Should we turn around, head back?"
Hafnar Ice-Fist: "I don't think going back is a good idea."
Savos Aren: "Going back would be the end of all of us. We keep pushing forward, and we'll make it. We will!"
Atmah: "Come on, you can make it. Let's go."


  • Unused dialogue exists that provides a full recollection of Savos Aren's version of events during the expedition. At some point, he would have commented on Elvali's death, saying "Elvali died here. I don't even remember what killed her. One of the countless faceless horrors. I think she was glad, in that final moment. Hafnar was covered in blood, but his stupid Nord pride wouldn't let him admit defeat. I... I don't know why I pressed the others on, convinced them to keep going. "If we can just make it through, it'll all be worth it", I told them. And the fools believed the words I myself didn't trust."