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Skyrim:Dragon Investigation: Current Status

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Book Information
Dragon Investigation: Current Status
ID 00039F2A
Value 0 Weight 0
Needed for Diplomatic Immunity
Faction Thalmor
Found in the following locations:
Dragon Investigation: Current Status
A Thalmor report on the return of Dragons

First Emissary Elenwen,

We anticipate a breakthrough in our efforts to uncover the party or power behind the dragon resurrection phenomenon. An informant has identified a possible lead, whom we have brought back to the Embassy for a full interrogation. The subject is obstinate, but by all indications is holding back the information we seek. I have authorized Intermediate Manual Uncoiling - I do not expect more will be necessary, unless you feel time presses.

I know you prefer to be present for the final questioning; I will inform you immediately when the subject is fully receptive. Two days should tell the tale.

In the meantime, if you wish to audit our technique, your expertise is welcome, as always. I have placed the prisoner in the cell closest to your office stairs, for your convenience.

--Rulindil, 3rd Em.