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Delvin Mallory
(RefID: 0001DA41)
Home City Riften
Location The Ragged Flagon
Race Breton Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=10-50) Class Thief
RefID 0001DA41 BaseID 0001CB78
Training Trainer (Master)Sneak (Master)
Other Information
Health 125+(PC-1)×8.3
Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×6.7
Primary Skills Light Armor, Sneak, Archery, One-handed
Class Details TrainerSneakMaster
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type Unique
Faction(s) CrimeFactionThievesGuild; FavorExcludedFaction; Riften Ragged Flagon Faction; Skill Trainer; Sneak Trainer; ThievesGuildFaction 0(Agent)
Delvin Mallory

Delvin Mallory is a Breton thief and an important member of the Thieves Guild in Riften. He is always found in the Ragged Flagon, located inside the Ratway. Like other patrons of the bar, he does not sleep. He is also an old friend of Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.

Delvin's outfit consists of a set of Guild Master's armor, which includes matching pairs of gloves and boots. He also carries a leveled dagger (up to elven quality), a leveled poison, and a small amount of gold.

Delvin is the Master trainer for the Sneak skill. After joining the Thieves Guild, he will tell you that he handles all the fishin', numbers, and bedlam jobs - "the ones with the more personal touch".

If you also bring to him certain collectible items that you may encounter throughout the Thieves Guild questline, Delvin will also give a monetary reward. These items will then appear on the shelves located behind the guildmaster's desk in the Cistern.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Note: If you talk to Delvin after A Chance Arrangement, but before completing Taking Care of Business, he will dismiss you by saying "Come back later and I may have some work for you." or "Talk to me again if you prove your worth to Brynjolf." Delvin will still however provide Master training for Sneak regardless of whether you have joined the guild or not.

Meet the FamilyEdit

"We're goin' to get along nicely. So, if you've got the nerve, I've got plenty of extra jobs to help get the Guild back on its feet."

After you successfully complete Taking Care of Business, you are officially initiated into the Thieves Guild by Mercer Frey. You are now able to introduce yourself to your fellow guild members, including Delvin. When you initiate conversation with Delvin for the first time since joining the guild, he will remark:

"Brynjolf, huh? Lemme guess. He plucked you off the street and dropped you into the thick of things without tellin' you which way is up. Am I right?"
I know what I'm doing.
"Lyin' to my face isn't gonna win you any favors with me, I can promise you that. On the other hand, takin' some of these extra jobs off my hands, now that'll get you to the top of my list."
I suppose I could use some advice.
"See, that kind of attitude comes from someone who wants to get rich and stay alive long enough to enjoy it. We're goin' to get along nicely. So, if you've got the nerve, I've got plenty of extra jobs to help get the Guild back on its feet."
Back on its feet?
"Look around you. The Flagon, the Guild... it's all fallin' apart. A few decades ago, this place was as busy as the Imperial City. Now, you're lucky if you don't trip over a skeever instead."
What's happened?
"Look, I know the others think I'm a bit daft for sayin' stuff like this, but I'm gonna give it to you straight. Somethin' out there is piss-drunk mad at us. I don't know who or what it is, but it's beyond just you and me. We've been cursed."
A curse? What can we do about it?
"I'll tell you what we do. We spit in that curse's face and turn things around down here. Put things back the way they were. That's where you come in. I've got plenty of work available that could guide us down the road to recovery. All you need to do is ask and we can both come out of this smellin' like a rose."

You are now able to accept fishin', numbers, and bedlam jobs from Delvin to help the guild get back on its feet.

Does the Guild provide other services?
"If you're lookin' to get some coin for the fruits of your labor, you should talk to Tonilia. She sounds tough, but she'll cut you a fair deal."
How will doing extra jobs help the Guild?
"Years ago, the Guild used to have a foothold in every major city in Skyrim. You wouldn't dare even lift an apple without checkin' with us. When things started goin' downhill around here, it became difficult to keep it all together. We lost fences, influential contacts and coin. It wasn't long before we lost what we depend on to survive... respect. By doin' these extra jobs and puttin' some fear into the people, we can take back the cities and start bein' taken seriously once again."
Take a city back? What's that mean?
"Thanks to Maven Black-Briar, we still have some pull in Riften. But get arrested in Whiterun and you'll be tossed right into the prisons. If we can gain the confidence of someone very influential who lives there by doing a unique job for them, we'd be able to have some leverage there too. The only way to get that special job is by doin' smaller ones in those cities until we catch their ear... then they'll contact me and we're off."

Loud and ClearEdit

Know anything about Goldenglow Estate?
"Watch yourself out there. The mercenaries Aringoth hired are trained killers. Just ask our poor little Vex."

The Litany of LarcenyEdit

During the quest Loud and Clear, in the same room Aringoth is located, there is also the Queen Bee Statue for the quest The Litany of Larceny, found on top of the bedside table. If you return the statue to sell to Delvin, he will remark:

"Well, well. I was looking for this little beauty. If you happen across any other unusual trinkets like this, be sure and bring them to me. I promise it'll be worth the effort."

Also during the following quest Dampened Spirits, behind an expert-locked door on the second floor of the Honningbrew Meadery is the Honningbrew Decanter. Returning to Delvin with the item, he will say:

"I think you'll find this payment to be more than fair."

With other quests, you may come across an East Empire Shipping Map found within the East Empire Company Warehouse in Solitude. Delvin will reward you for bringing the item to him and say:

"This should compensate you for your find."

Another item that can be found is the Model Ship located in the Snow Veil Sanctum. Delvin will then exclaim:

"What a delightful find! This should cover it."

Also during the quest Hard Answers, the Dwemer Puzzle Cube can be found just before the door in Calcelmo's Laboratory leading onto the Wizard's Balcony. Returning the puzzle cube to Delvin, he will remark:

"It's worth quite a bit actually. Quite a catch! Here you go, this should make you smile."

When you search Mercer's house Riftweald Manor for clues about Mercer's whereabouts, you will find the Bust of the Gray Fox alongside Mercer's plans. Bringing the bust to Delvin, he will reveal to you:

"Must have come from Mercer's place. He'd admired the Gray Fox for some time. Sure, I'll buy it from you... here you are."

After the quest Blindsighted, you will have obtained the Left Eye of the Falmer. Upon returning to Delvin, he will remark:

"By the Eight... you actually got your hands on it! This alone is worth more than some thieves earn in a lifetime."

However, you may not be able to turn in this item due to a bug.

The PursuitEdit

During the quest The Pursuit, as you enter the Cistern along with Karliah, you will be confronted by a hostile Brynjolf, Delvin, and Vex. Brynjolf will initiate the conversation first by making accusations towards Karliah:

"Wait just a blessed moment, Bryn. What's in that book? What did it say?"
"The gold, the jewels... it's all gone."

Brynjolf: "You better have a damn good reason to be here with that murderer."
Karliah: "Please, lower your weapons so we can speak. I have proof that you've all been misled!"
Brynjolf: "No tricks, Karliah or I'll cut you down where you stand. Now what's this so-called proof you speak of?"
Karliah: "I have Gallus's journal. I think you'll find its contents disturbing."
Brynjolf: "Let me see. No, it... can't be. This can't be true. I've known Mercer too long..."
Karliah: "It's true, Brynjolf. Every word. Mercer's been stealing from the Guild for years, right under your noses."
Brynjolf: "There's only one way to find out if what the lass says is true. Delvin, I'll need you to open the Vault [sic]."

At this point, all four thieves will start to make their way towards the guild's vault to confirm what was written in Gallus' journal:

Delvin: "Wait just a blessed moment, Bryn. What's in that book? What did it say?"
Brynjolf: "It says Mercer's been stealing from our vault for years. Gallus was looking into it before he was murdered."
Delvin: "How can Mercer open up a vault that needs two keys? It's impossible. Could he pick his way in?"
Vex: "That door has the best puzzle locks money can buy. There's no way it can be picked open."
Karliah: "He didn't need to pick the lock."
Delvin: "What is she on about?"
Brynjolf: "Use your key on the vault, Delvin. We'll open it up and find out the truth."
Delvin: "I've used my key, but the vault's still locked up tighter than a drum. Now use yours."
Brynjolf: "By the Eight! It's gone, everything's gone! Get in here, all of you!"
Delvin: "The gold, the jewels... it's all gone."
Vex: "That son-of-a-bitch! I'll kill him!"
Brynjolf: "Vex! Put it away... right now. We can't afford to lose our heads... we need to calm down and focus."
Delvin: "Do what he says, Vex. This isn't helpin' right now."
Vex: "Fine. We do it your way. For now."
Brynjolf: "Delvin, Vex... watch the Flagon. If you see Mercer, come tell me right away."

Afterwards, all four thieves will depart. If you choose to approach Delvin at any other time during the quest, he will greet you either by saying:

"Stabbed in the back. It's like the Dark Brotherhood all over again."
"Can't talk long, got to keep my eyes open for Mercer."
"Hold your thoughts 'til after we untangle this mess."

The Silence Has Been BrokenEdit

"We can have a drink. Catch up. Ah, but business! Of course. What kind of business?"

If you join the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild, and are on the quest The Silence Has Been Broken, another dialogue option will be available when speaking to Delvin. When you tell Delvin that you're seeing him on Dark Brotherhood business, he will remark:

"Oh. Oh I see. Well, you're makin' friends all over, ain't ya? So, uh... how is Astrid doing' these days? Tell her to stop by some time. We can have a drink. Catch up. Ah, but business! Of course. What kind of business?"

If you are not a part of the Thieves Guild when completing the quest, when you approach him, he will initiate the conversation by telling you:

"Ah, now you must be lost. Best ya scurry off while you're able. The Ratway, well, it has a habit of swallowin' up the uninvited."
The Dark Brotherhood requires your services.
"Oh. Oh I see. Well now, how is Astrid doin' these days, uh? Tell her to stop by some time. We can have a drink. Catch up. Ah, but we can discuss that later, yeah? What does the Brotherhood need?"

Either way it will lead to you showing Delvin the jeweled amulet:

What can you tell me about this? (Give Delvin the amulet)
"Let's see... where oh where did you get this? Don't answer - I don't want to know. This is an amulet of the Emperor's Elder Council. Specially crafted for each member. Worth a small fortune. Ain't somethin' you'd give up lightly. Look, it ain't my business ta tell the Dark Brotherhood its business, but if you killed a member of the Elder Council, you'd better belie-"
Will you buy it?
"Buy it? This? An Elder Council amulet? Oh yes. Oh yes, indeed. Wait just one moment... here. It's a letter of credit. Usable, by Astrid only, for any service or item I can provide. As per our standard arrangement. You bring that back to your lovely mistress. With my regards."

He will then hand you a letter of credit to take back to Astrid.

Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head...Edit

Also, during the quest Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head... you are told by Nazir to pay a little visit to Delvin regarding the upgrades of the Dawnstar Sanctuary. When you approach Delvin, he will say: "The Dawnstar Sanctuary? That where you lot are holing up in now? Hmm... Tell you what. It'll cost you - a lot - but I can help you out. What exactly are we talking about here?" You are now given the option of selecting up to five different upgrade choices:

"The Dawnstar Sanctuary? That where you lot are holing up in now?"
Upgrade Delvin Dialogue
New banners.
(1,000 gold)
"Banners, huh? Trying to pretty up the place? All right, you got it."
Poisoner's nook.
(5,000 gold)
"That'll come in handy, yeah? An alchemy station, maybe a little garden with some choice plants. All right, consider it done."
Torture chamber.
(5,000 gold)
"Oh ho. Now that's the Dark Brotherhood I know and love. This for business or pleasure? Ah, what's it matter, right? I'll see that it gets done."
Secret entrance.
(5,000 gold)
"Yeah, we can do that. I'm thinking a sewer grate on the outskirts of Dawnstar. Leads to a tunnel, then inside. You'll be in or out, quick as a coney."
Master bedroom.
(3,000 gold)
"Heh. Chamber fit for a king and all that, right? No problem. Give ya a big bed, decorate the room real nice, maybe even throw in a few extra baubles."

After you have obtained all the available upgrades for the Dawnstar Sanctuary, Delvin will then say to you: "I'm afraid that's it, my friend. I've done all I can. I hope the place is at least livable now. Good luck with, your, um... murders."

The Fishin', Numbers, and Bedlam JobsEdit

If you tell Delvin that you are looking for some extra work, there are three types of jobs available to choose from: bedlam jobs, fishing jobs, and the numbers job. If you choose to do one of these three jobs, he will reply with either of the following dialogue:

The Bedlam Job "Sometimes we like to remind a city that we mean business, so we hit it hard. Just steal whatever we can until we've made an impression. Simple right? Almost. The catch is it doesn't count if anyone sees you take it. The message needs to be clear; we work in the shadows. Steal from anywhere in the hold, and you even get to keep everythin' you stole. So, you in?"
"I always have bedlam jobs. Just remember to hit them fast and don't let them see you. Feel like going for it?"
"Takin' an easy job, eh? Well, go and do some damage. Just stick to the shadows and keep out of sight. Want to go for it?"
"Of course. Don't forget to keep out of sight, it doesn't count if they catch you red-handed. You ready?"
The Fishing Job "There are all sorts of people wandering around carryin' their valuables on their person... just waitin' for someone like you to pick their pocket. So, you in for a little fishin'?"
"Brynjolf want's [sic] this mark's head on a pike, but we'll settle for what the bastard's carryin' instead. Can I count on you?"
"I've got a mark from a person who just got an item from a relative outside of Skyrim. They probably should have been quieter about it. You in?"
"Got ourselves a freelancer thinks he can muscle in on our territory. How about you teach him some manners, eh?"
"One of our marks seems to have an item of value we want to add to our vault. Get it for us and you'll receive the usual pay. Sound good?"
"Maven wants this mark's most prized possession. The bloody fool carries it on his person all the time. So, think you can handle it?"
"Sure, I've got a mark for you. Stole something quite important from a friend of the Guild and we take care of our own. You in?"
"Got a mark taxed with carryin' a heavy item. Care to lighten' the load?"
"This brilliant soul decided to pick a fight with a fellow Guild mate. Time for them to pay piper. Will you help out?"
The Numbers Job "Most of the establishments in Skyrim keep their transactions recorded within business ledgers. Your job would be to change the numbers in those books so the shortfalls from our other jobs look legit. Feel like doing a bit of writin'?."
"These marks keep their ledger all neat and tidy, but they ripe for some change if you know what I mean. Take it?"
"Yeah, sure. Got a business on top that could use a little number rearrangin'. What do you say?"
"Got a personal request from Brynjolf on this numbers job. He says we may hit em' hard later, and wants to prep their books. Help us out?"
"All right. Got a simple one. Just get in, change the books and be back in time for last call. So how's about it?"
"This business is a regular target for the Guild. They keep pretty shoddy records, so the job should be a cinch. You in?"
"We want to waylay a shipment on the way from this business withou none of them noticin' anything went missin'. Want the job?"
"Have a client lookin' to have a rival's business ledger changed. Don't know the reason, and don't want to know. Count you in?"
"Okay, got just the one for you. Ledger's just beggin' to be changed and the Guild could use the coin. How about it?"

Special Job QuestsEdit

Once you have completed enough jobs in one of the major holds, if you ask Delvin about the special job he has for you, he will reply with either of the following:

Your Dialogue Delvin's Dialogue
Quest: The Dainty Sload
"So, what's this special request?" "I need you to make your way to Solitude and talk to Erikur. He's lookin' to run some kind of a shill job. Now, he's not exactly goin' to welcome you with open arms, but keep your cool. Do this job right and we've just made an important friend out there."
"I'm ready for some extra work." (during quest) "Before I'm goin' to give you any more work, you need to finish that job in Solitude."
"I've finished that special Solitude job." "Erikur assures me that Captain Volf will spend pretty much the rest of his life clapped in irons. Best of all, he's also pledged to open doors for us in Solitude and to get things rollin' again."
Quest: Imitation Amnesty
"So, what's this special request?" "We actually got a request from one of the most powerful families in Whiterun, the Battle-Born's. Make your way up there and look for Olfrid. He says he's got a matter that requires a delicate touch, and I suggested you for the job. Don't make me the fool and let me down, all right?"
"I'm ready for some extra work." (during quest) "I want you to finish that job in Whiterun first. Then we'll talk about more work."
"I've finished that special Whiterun job." "Olfrid sent ahead his compliments. Looks like his friend Arn is soon to be released thanks to his brand new identity. More importantly, he's pledged the full support of the Battle-Born clan to the Thieves Guild."
Quest: Silver Lining
"So, what's this special request?" "I want you to head out to Markarth and speak to Endon. He's a silversmith... has some kind of a shop there. His father was a good friend of the Guild back in the day, and we could really use his family's influence back on our side."
"I'm ready for some extra work." (during quest) "Aren't you supposed to be in Markarth? Finish that job and we'll talk about more."
"I've finished that special Markarth job." "I hear Endon's quite pleased to have his merchandise back. He's a powerful ally in Markarth. Should help the Guild regain a foothold in the west."
Quest: Summerset Shadows
"So, what's this special request?" "Got word from Torsten Cruel-Sea in Windhelm that a rival Guild is tryin' to get itself started. Not only that but they're givin' us thieves a bad name by murderin' their marks. Get over there and see what you can do."
"I'm ready for some extra work." (during quest) "Slow down, you have that special request in Windhelm to finish first. After that's done, I'll send you some more jobs."
"I've finished that special Windhelm job." "Torsten was gratified the death of his daughter was avenged and the heirloom was returned. At this very moment, he's layin' the groundwork for the Guild to reestablish itself in Windhelm. I wished you could have sent more of a message to those Summerset Shadows upstarts, but hopefully they'll stay out of our business."
"Torsten was gratified the death of his daughter was avenged and the heirloom was returned. At this very moment, he's layin' the groundwork for the Guild to reestablish itself in Windhelm. Burnin' that banner was a nice touch, too. Should send a clear message to the Summerset Shadows that we're a force to be reckoned with."

For every special job completed, Delvin will give you one of four brief summaries, and bits of honest praise, depending on how many special jobs have been completed by that point:

Special Job(s) Completed Delvin's Dialogue
One Job Completed "I think you'll find that the Guild's beginnin' to grow. We've had a merchant move into the space right outside the Flagon. It's nice to shake the cobwebs off and get things rollin' again. Keep this up and I can see a bounty headed our way."
Two Jobs Completed "We're still growin' by leaps and bounds thanks to you. Another merchant's just moved into the space outside the Flagon. You're a natural. Never seen anythin' like it. We've got a long way to go, but don't let that bother you... it's a lot farther than we've been in years."
Three Jobs Completed "Success means that the Guild is gettin' stronger. We've picked up another merchant and a new recruit. Bein' a thief is like a second skin for you, ain't it? Never seen anythin' like it. If you don't watch out, you might even earn Vex's respect. Now that'd be something, eh?"
Four Jobs Completed "The Guild's at full strength, and we have you to thank for it. We've had our share of dark times, and now they seem like a distant memory. I'm goin' to tell you somethin' you'll never hear me say again, and if you tell anyone I told you, I'll deny it. When you walk through the Guild, don't be ashamed to hold your head high, 'cause you're the best damn thief in the place."

Once you've completed all four of the special jobs available in the major holds and the Thieves Guild main quest Darkness Returns, the quest to become the Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild, Under New Management, will begin.


Sometimes around the Ragged Flagon you may overhear several conversations that Delvin has with the other members of the guild:

"Oh my... umm, you won't let Mercer hear about this will you? Ahem."

Delvin: "Good news. I found that dwarven hammer you were looking for."
Dirge: "You did? Thanks. [sic] get you the rest of your coin by tomorrow."
Delvin: "Yeah, funny thing about that. The price was a hundred higher than I expected."
Dirge: "Vekel [sic], you have no shame. I'll get you the rest like I said. I want that hammer."

Dirge: "You need to tell your boys to place [sic] nice, Delvin. Almost threw two of them into the well last night."
Delvin: "They aren't my boys. Do I look like the leadin' type?"
Dirge: "You know what I mean. Tell your boss that rough is rough, but when someone pulls a dagger fun time is over."
Delvin: "I'll pass it along."

Delvin: "I don't know where you find your sources, but that last shipment of skooma was some of the best quality I've seen in years."
Tonilia: "I just got lucky is all. Bumped into someone who knew someone else. The rest just writes itself."
Delvin: "If you like I'd be happy to take it over the operation for you. Take the source off your hands."
Tonilia: "And lose out just when the going is getting good? No thanks."

Delvin: "Tonilia, can I offer some friendly advice?"
Tonilia: "You can offer, but I may not buy."
Delvin: "Why don't you just formally join up? Quit sittin' here wheelin' and dealin' when you could be out there makin' a heck of a lot more coin. We could use someone with your skills."
Tonilia: "Thanks for the compliment, Delvin. I may just take you up on that one day."

Vekel the Man: "All right, Delvin. What gives with that case of Shadowbanish you sold me?"
Delvin: "What do you mean? That wine tastes finer than anythin' Surilie Brothers ever made."
Vekel the Man: "Sure, it tastes great. Only one problem. You said it can make the darkness as clear as day when you drink it. Guess what? It doesn't."
Delvin: "Am I responsible if the vintage was off on that case? Sorry, you know the rules Vekel. No refunds."

Delvin: "Puttin' together another shipment from Morrowind, Vekel. Lookin' for anythin' special?"
Vekel the Man: "Well, if some Moon Sugar should fall into your lap..."
Delvin: "Maybe. That stuff's gettin' tough to bring across the border with all the Argonian patrols."
Vekel the Man: "Well if it turns up, I'll be willing to buy."

Vex: "Delvin, that last shipment we heisted on the Cyrodiil frontier was worthless!"
Delvin: "That's impossible. I distinctly heard that lout in the tavern say it was a full shipment of furs. They should be worth a fortune."
Vex: "You idiot. He said "firs" not "furs". It was a damn logging caravan!"
Delvin: "Oh my... umm, you won't let Mercer hear about this will you? Ahem."

Delvin: "So, what do you think, my dear? Could a beautiful woman like you ever see yourself with an old codger like me?"
Vex: "Absolutely."
Delvin: "Oh, really? Well then... how can I make that happen?"
Vex: "When you're in your grave and I'm standing over it. Now get out of my way!"

Combat DialogueEdit

Condition Dialogue
Attacking an enemy "Come on, show an old man what you got!"
"I'll cut out your eyes and sell 'em for coin!"
Defeating an enemy "They picked on the wrong old man."
"Haven't fought like that in years."
"That was fun."
Detecting an enemy "I don't have time for this."
Engaging an enemy "You've got moments to live."
"I'm endin' you right now!"
"Sure, pick on the old guy!"


  • Delvin Mallory is voiced by Enn Reitel.
  • The dialogue Delvin and Astrid use concerning each other suggest that they may have been more than friends at some point. The Prima Official Game Guide confirms this.
  • He is the author of the book Shadowmarks.
  • There is a warning note addressed to Delvin from Vex, found in the Ragged Flagon. Another note addressed to him is found beside it.
  • Delvin is evidently somewhat infatuated with Vex, as evidenced by the aforementioned note, and also by another one he wrote to her. She clearly does not return his affections.
  • Delvin's written dialogue deviates from his audio dialogue significantly. When his line of dialogue reads: "Talk to me again if you prove your worth to Brynjolf.", the audio actually says: "Talk to me again when you've proven yourself to Brynjolf."
    • Another line of dialogue reads: "Do what he says, Vex. This isn't helpin' right now." The audio actually says: "This ain't helpin' right now." There are many other inconsistencies between written and audio dialogue when speaking to him.
  • In the Dragonborn expansion, it is revealed that Delvin is the brother of Raven Rock blacksmith Glover Mallory, whose daughter is Sapphire. This would also make him Sapphire's uncle.
    • It is possible that one of Delvin's Fishing Jobs will direct you to steal from Glover, despite the fact that he is also in the Thieves Guild, which is theoretically forbidden.
  • Delvin Mallory also appeared in Legends as the card Smuggler Underboss and as a questgiver.