Skyrim:Clearspring Cave

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Clearspring Cave
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# of Zones 1
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 2
Important Treasure
Bow of the Hunt
Vernaccus and Bourlor
Console Location Code(s)
The Rift
West of Shor's Stone
South of Windhelm
Ore Veins
# of Iron 1
The entrance to Clearspring Cave

Clearspring Cave is a small earthen cave overlooking Eastmarch and occupied by a troll.

The cave entrance is unmarked and easily missed. From Clearspring Tarn, move a few meters north towards the cliff edge (overlooking Eastmarch to the north). Look down a few feet for the path that tracks across the cliff face. The cave is located at the right end of that path, and its entrance is a great place to enjoy a gorgeous view of Eastmarch.

The Bow of the Hunt and Vernaccus and Bourlor, located within Clearspring Cave

Clearspring CaveEdit

The cave itself is located underneath the tarn, whose waters seep through the ceiling. The first half of the chamber is partially flooded with the water pooling on the left, with an iron ore vein in front of the pool as you enter. Mushrooms can be found along the path from the entrance, and Hanging moss is abundant and can be harvested around the edges overhanging the pool. There is a skeleton floating in the water to the left of the bridge with a leveled one-handed weapon and a random shield at the bottom of the pool beneath him.

The second half of the chamber is slightly larger and full of various flora and fungi, as well as numerous bones, both human and animal. The sole occupant of the cave, a troll, makes its home here. Towards the back of the chamber is an altar holding the unique Bow of the Hunt and a copy of the Archery skill book Vernaccus and Bourlor. To the right of this is an unlocked wooden chest, with leveled potions of healing and magicka in front. There is a second skeleton that can be looted just to the right of the troll's nest, and by the edge of the water, on the right after crossing the earthen bridge a random sword either found among various gory bones or hanging high overhead.


  • The guaranteed troll spawn makes this cave dangerous to low level characters.
  • The cave contains a large amount of alchemy ingredients (including the troll fat from the troll's corpse).
  • There is no separate map marker for the cave, however the Clearspring Tarn is marked as cleared once the troll is destroyed.