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(lore page)
Location Settlements
Species Rabbit Soul Petty
Level 1 Type Animals
BaseID 000A91A0
Other Information
Health 5 Magicka −25
Stamina 25
Faction(s) ChickenFaction; PreyFaction
A Chicken

Chickens are docile, domesticated birds common throughout Skyrim, usually within cities and towns. Attacking NPC-owned chickens will earn a bounty, but you can legally harvest eggs from their nests for use in Alchemy. Chickens are mainly encountered in settlements without a wall, such as Riverwood.

With Hearthfire installed, your steward can buy you up to three chickens for your homestead if you add an animal pen, though you only get one nest for all three chickens.


  • Chickens are confusingly labeled as "rabbits" by the game data (with an editor ID of ChickenRace). The race stats were obviously copied from the rabbits race, but not fully changed.
  • Honeyside was the only house in the base game where you could have chickens; two come with the Garden improvement.


  • Chickens do not cluck when idle.
    • Chickens may cluck when idle, but only rarely.
  • Chickens that are in enemy camps (such as Forsworn) are always attacked (and most often killed) by the NPC inhabitants of the area, despite apparently being part of that location (such as a nest or two for said chickens). ?