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Skyrim:Boots of Blinding Speed

Skyrim: Items: Artifacts
Unique Item: Boots of Blinding Speed (FExxx92B)
(lore page)
Type Light Boots
Added by Netch Leather Armor
Editor ID ccBGSSSE041_ArmorNetchLeatherBootsBlindingSpeed
Rating Rating 11
Rating Rating 11 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 2 Value Value 500
Tempering None
Tempering None Perk
Provides the wearer with blinding speed.
  • Blinding Speed
    • Fast, 100 pts
The Boots of Blinding Speed
Blinding effect of the Boots with Night Eye

The Boots of Blinding Speed are a unique set of Netch leather boots of unknown origin. They can be obtained during a miscellaneous quest that is received by reading the Crafting with Netch Leather book, acquired through the quest More Than You Can Chew.

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