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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Bonemen, Durnehviir
Console Location Code(s)
Soul Cairn

The Boneyard is an enclosed graveyard in the Soul Cairn.

You will have to enter the Boneyard as part of the quest Beyond Death. You cannot wait or fast travel inside.


Upon entering the Boneyard, you will pass along a narrow passage before it opens into a large courtyard. Surrounding the central courtyard are raised sections, with stairs leading up to healing wells. As soon as you enter, Durnehviir will be flying around in the sky, and bonemen will begin to rise. It is best to concentrate on fighting the dragon, as bonemen will continue to rise to replace their fallen until you defeat Durnehviir, at which point any remaining bonemen will immediately die.

When you have defeated Durnehviir, you will not absorb his soul like other dragons. You will only be able to loot his body if you activate it quickly, before it burns to nothing; even if you do manage to loot the body, you will obtain dragon bones, but no dragon scales or heartscales. You can now either follow Valerica, or investigate the alcove to the southeast on your own. Valerica will be surprised when you vanquish Durnehviir, since from what she's read, he couldn't be slain by normal means. She then considers that you may have only displaced his physical form while he reconstitutes himself; she has no idea how long that process might take.

In the alcove, you will find an ornate box that contains the Elder Scroll (Blood). You cannot interact with the box, but by speaking to Valerica, she will open it, enabling you to pick up the scroll. To the left is an alchemy lab, and on either side of the box are the ingredients, potions, and books listed below. Once you have the scroll, the exit is to the southwest.

Upon exiting after defeating Durnehviir and retrieving the Elder Scroll, you will find Durnehviir reforming ahead on a small structure. Don't attack him if you want to acquire his dragon shouts. He will teach you the Summon Durnehviir shout right away, which lets you summon him to fight for you anywhere in Tamriel, provided you're outdoors. Then, each of the first three times he's summoned in Tamriel, he will also teach you a word of the Soul Tear shout. Alternatively, you can attack him immediately, before he has a chance to speak; once you defeat him again, you can loot five dragon bones from him, but you will still not absorb his soul, and you will miss out on the two dragon shouts. While traveling back toward the portal, you may be ambushed by several bonemen, who rise from piles of bones on your left as you proceed south.


Bone Meal (4)
Fire Salts
Frost Salts
Glow Dust
Ice Wraith Teeth (2)
Nightshade (2)
Salt Pile
Soul Husk (3)
Vampire Dust (3)
Void Salts
Blacksmith's Elixir
Draught of Resist Cold
Draught of Resist Fire
Draught of Resist Magic
Elixir of Extra Magicka
Elixir of Lasting Potency
Enchanter's Elixir
Potion of Vigorous Healing
Solution of Vigor
Soul Husk Extract (4)
The Book of Life and Service
On Oblivion
Magic from the Sky
Effects of the Elder Scrolls
Immortal Blood